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Quit Smoking Suddenly or Slowly: Which Way is Better?

As as professionals vape manufacturer, we can only take the issue of smoking habits to heart, and today we have to address a very delicate question: is it dangerous to quit smoking?

Google stats tell us that hundreds of people ask themselves this question every month – and if you’re here – you might also want to know the truth about it.

The dangers of burning tobacco smoke are certainly no secret, as cigarettes kill around 7 million people globally each year. Still, many wonder if quitting even 40 years later makes sense.

Let’s see what happens to our bodies when we stop smoking, whether it’s better to quit suddenly or gradually, even after a lifetime of cigarettes.

Every time you put out a cigarette, your body tries to get the physiological balance back to normal, like it thinks it’s your last cigarette.

As you can read in detail in this article, after only 20 minutes, a series of improvements began, including normalising blood pressure, etc., began.

However, all these positive aspects are cancelled and taken back to the starting point every time you light the “coffin nail” again, as the famous vape YouTuber Sacha Il Bove put it.

However, when you can hold on to your willpower and suddenly quit smoking, the famous nicotine withdrawal crisis occurs, a natural barrier to your separation from freedom.

The following are typical withdrawal symptoms:

  • cough
  • want to smoke
  • constipate
  • The weight of the chest
  • fatigue
  • Uncontrolled hunger (possible weight gain)
  • difficulty concentrating
  • irritability
  • any insomnia and dizziness

The discomfort lasts about a week, and – more importantly – it can’t be “cured” by cigarettes because it’s what causes it. It’s like getting a shot when you’re hungry; it’s not a panacea.

While the deprivation symptoms may make you think so, there is no danger in quitting smoking. Your body has been absorbing harmful substances for years and constantly trying to eliminate them, so give it time.

Your goal is to endure the hard days at first and then get to the days when you will eventually get better. It’s just a transition phase, that’s all; it’s just a matter of (rarely) time.

Now let’s see why it’s worth it.

Does quitting smoking work after 40 years?

Here we are at the heart of the problem.

You must have read somewhere about all the benefits you can enjoy quitting smoking, but you think this terrible habit damages your lungs and everything else, and it’s all in vain.

If so, you’re dead wrong: Even after years of smoking, it’s always worth using vapes to quit, especially for short-term gain.

As a smoker, your main risks include:

  • stroke
  • heart attack

Here are two real-time bombs that can be carried around while smoking.

On the other hand, breathing, smell and circulation improved during the first 12 months of detox, and the risk of heart attack halved after a year. After 2 years, the non-smokers’ risk of stroke had returned to normal levels, and the risk of developing a respiratory tumour had also dropped by 50% after 5 years.

In addition, quitting smoking always increases life expectancy:

  • 30 years old more than 10 years old;
  • 9 years old Over 40 years old;
  • 50 and 6 years old;
  • 60 is 3 years older.

In short, as you can see, there is always a good reason for throwing packages and lighters in the trash.

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