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Positive Attitudes towards E-cigarettes by Cancer-Fighting Groups and Smoke-Free Associations

Positive Attitudes towards E-cigarettes by Cancer-Fighting Groups and Smoke-Free Associations

A recent study from Belgium proved the effectiveness of the e-cigarette as a means of quitting smoking even in smokers who did not want to quit.

Where it’s funny is that the sale of nicotine e-liquid is prohibited in Belgium, and in order to carry out their experiment, the researchers had to place an order on the internet abroad to find these vape kits and e-liquids, some of them came from the vape manufacturer.

Another study that comes to us this time from Switzerland. Professor Jean-Francois Etter demonstrates the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette as an effective means of quitting tobacco and cigarettes. Experience shows that people who vape regularly with a high nicotine level feel less desire to light a cigarette.

It would probably be relevant to interview confirmed vapers—those who have at least one year of vaping behind them. To go and check if they experienced any side effects on their health. Positive and negative effects. Check if they have lowered their nicotine levels or gone to 0mg. Or if, after stopping smoking, they stopped vaping?

In the meantime, some concrete actions appear here and there.

In California, an association, The Smoke Free Trades Association Alternatives, raised $110,000 in funds to counter the anti-vaping legislation, which is doing a lot of damage there.

In Poland, the company eSmoking World, an e-cig seller, is thinking of standing up against these injustices and filing a complaint against AFP. The agency, however reputable, conveyed the diverted results of this famous catastrophic Japanese study for the e-cig, which all the media echoed. It is courageous on their part, but it is very little. There is also this Canadian blogger launching his survey of his readers to see if they have quit smoking (or not). It’s very good but still too little. However, this blogger is right because the e-cigarette is essentially those who have experienced it and can talk about it best.

In France, it is the League against cancer which encourages the use of e-cigs to stop smoking. Reduce launched a petition against the TPD vape and a demonstration on March 15, 2015 (more info here).

And then the web press seems a little more far-sighted and the articles that ask the real questions appear like that of Dossier Familial, which points the finger at disposable vapes. And for a good reason, they are unsuitable for effective quitting. As for the Figaro Santé, the case is heard that the cigarette is effective for stopping smoking.

While in Italy, they overtax e-liquids as if to encourage the recovery of cigarettes better, while in France, they freeze the increase in the price of a pack of cigarettes to ensure the smooth running of a disastrous business, the profits of the e-cigs for health go by the wayside. Why? For who?

Studies, and testimonials on the effectiveness of the personal vaporizer as a means of quitting, there are more and more, and vapers are the first to confirm it. Even the latest INPES survey (National Institute for Prevention and Health Education) confirms that e-cigarette is helpful for ex-smokers. Yet, with this survey, the Minister of Health in France argues his anti-tobacco proposals and still targets the e-cig. By banning advertising for liquids, for example.

Imagine discovering a cure for cancer and hiding it for obscure and mysterious reasons. What’s the point of doing that? Well, that happens with vaping, which is constantly denigrated and/or misunderstood. One could even ask who benefits from this relentlessness? To show so much incompetence, ignorance, denial is surreal and unworthy of a learned and benevolent 21st century. Incomprehensible? Or was it calculated?

The good news is, the WHO does recognize the effectiveness of vaping right now.

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