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Official Support for E-cigarettes in Germany and the UK!

Official Support for E-cigarettes in Germany and the UK

Let’s have a look at the conference at the last Vapexpo in Nantes on eco-responsibility, Doctor Nau’s response to the fake news conveyed by the American College of Cardiology, the authorization of advertising displays in Germany, and a picture speaks for itself!

An environmental responsibility: eco-responsibility

On the occasion of the last Nantes Vapexpo, various vape players gathered around a conference to improve solutions in favour of a more responsible industry in terms of environmental preservation. This theme had already been mentioned by Pascal in a previous article. The industry is currently working to develop appropriate responses, despite the introduction of the TPD, which led to prohibiting bottles more significant than 10 ml for nicotine boosters.

A health responsibility: the electronic cigarette saves lives and does not promote cardiovascular disease

Fake news is the regular lot of the OEM disposable vape. The latest, let’s remember, is the American College of Cardiology study, which compares the health of non-smokers to that of vapers with a smoking history. This study, which does not mention at any time that the vapers who participated in it are ex-smokers, declares that using electronic cigarettes promotes cardiovascular disease. Described as “dishonest” by Professor Dautzenberg, a pulmonologist at La Salpetriere Hospital in Paris, Doctor Nau does not fail to express himself on this fake news which he considers to be an “edifying as well as depressing paper” but also dangerous to public health.

Classic cigarette: display advertising allowed in Germany

Speaking of health liability, while in France, the advertising display of classic cigarettes has been prohibited since the law of July 9, 1976, in Germany, it is completely authorized in the street. However, advertising on television, radio, the internet and in the written press remains prohibited. In 2015 alone, the tobacco industry spent 91 million euros on display advertising.

Thus, in the Spiegel newspaper, an article relates the journey of a 10-year-old girl from Hamburg leaving for school. To travel this 600-meter journey, this little girl came across no less than four advertisements for classic cigarettes. It must also be said that Philip Morris paid 544,000 euros between 2010 and 2015 to finance several political parties, such as the CDU-CSU of Chancellor Merkel, the Social Democrats of the SPD and the Liberals of the FDP, after the revelations of the NGO LobbyControl. German political parties have the particularity of being able to be financed by companies without any ceiling! The Conservative Party received 17 million in corporate donations in 2017, the year of the last federal election, according to a recent report by LobbyControl. And yes, there is no register of lobbies across the Rhine.

VApril: Great Britain dedicates the whole month to the vape

Organized by the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) in partnership with Public Health England, the VApril, Vaping Awareness Month aims to encourage the British to wean through the experimentation of the vape from April.

Speak up for vaping, switch on the vaping plan

“Speak up for vaping”. This is the new slogan of one of the two challenges of VApril, a communication campaign organized by the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) with the support of Cancer Research UK and Public Health England, the executive agency of the Ministry of UK Health and Social Care.

This first challenge offers vapers the opportunity to share their experience in a video on the beneficial contributions of vaping and what it has been able to change in their daily lives. In Great Britain, 3 million smokers have succeeded in their bet to quit smoking with the use of electronic cigarettes. However, the Public Health England health agency estimates that 40% of smokers have not yet tried vaping as a quitting tool. In total, there are indeed 7 million smokers across the Channel! However, it helps 20,000 people every year to give up classic cigarettes.

The second challenge, called “Switch on to Vaping plan”, encourages you to start vaping by following four steps. Thanks to a detailed document, the smoker is guided. This document also gives some helpful advice, particularly on the use of the equipment.

Why vape? In response, “10 Facts about vaping”

Public Health England publishes 10 proven facts about the benefits of vaping:

1 – Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking – Public Health England, 2018

2 – There is no evidence that passive vaping can harm people around you – Cancer Research UK, 2016

3 – Vaping doubles your chances of successfully quitting smoking – Public Health England, 2018

4 – More than 3 million smokers have already used vaping to quit or reduce their tobacco consumption – Action on Smoking & Health, 2018

5 – Vaping helps over 20,000 people quit smoking every year – Public Health England, 2018

6 – A vaper spends on average half as much money as a smoker each month – Cancer Research UK, 2018

7 – Switching smoker saves UK £74,000 – Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

8 – Tobacco costs the UK healthcare system £2.6 billion every year – Public Health England, 2017

9 – Vaping helps communities across the country save £760m each year on smoking-related costs – Royal Society for Public Health, 2018

10 – There are over 2,000 vape shops in the UK offering personal advice and vaping gear – Royal Society for Public Health, 2018

The British government is indeed pursuing a policy based on risk reduction by recommending vaping as a weaning tool. In short: an exemplary initiative to fight against smoking.

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