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Nicotine shots VS Nico Salts

Nicotine shots VS Nico Salts

If you have ever mixed a liquid yourself, the terms nicotine shots and nicotine salt (or nic salt) should not be new to you. But do you know the difference between these two types of nicotine? If not, no problem. We will explain it to you in this post. Another word of warning: the whole topic gets pretty chemical at times. However, we have tried formulating the whole thing as simple as possible. So put on the lab coat, and let’s go.

What are nicotine shots?

Nicotine shots consist of a nicotine solution and a tasteless liquid base to dilute the solution. The nicotine solution is basic (this state is also described as alkaline), i.e., the PH value is above 7. A PH value of 0 to 6 is considered acidic, a value of 7 is neutral, and a value of 8 to 14 is basic. This is due to the concentration of nicotine. The higher the nicotine concentration, the more basic the solution becomes, and the PH value increases.

How does the body absorb nicotine shots?

Since the nicotine is in a larger amount of its original form with a higher nicotine concentration, it is also referred to as free nicotine. In this alkaline solution, nicotine is fat-soluble (lipophilic) and can diffuse (pass-through) cell membranes. This means that the body can absorb nicotine more easily. And the higher the PH value of the nicotine shot, the better the body absorbs the nicotine.

What is nicotine salt?

The difference between nicotine salt and nicotine shots with conventional nicotine can be summarized quite briefly. For the production of Nic Salt, nicotine shots are mixed with benzoic acid. Easy right? But now it gets a little more complicated. Because how does the addition of benzoic acid now affect the absorption of nicotine in the body?

Let’s start with the chemical point of view: If you mix a basic solution with an acid, the pH value drops. By adding the acid, individual nitrogen atoms are protonated in the nicotine molecule (i.e., the atom attaches itself to the atomic chain of the nicotine). This gives the nicotine molecules a positive charge. In this state, nicotine is therefore also referred to as bound.

Sufficient benzoic acid is added to the nicotine solution so that the entire liquid reaches a neutral pH value (= 7). The acidity and the nicotine solution are now in equilibrium, with the distribution (in milliliters) depending on the diluted nicotine solution’s basicity (i.e., the pH value).

How does the body absorb nicotine salt?

As already mentioned, it is easier for the body to absorb alkaline nicotine solutions. Contrary to popular belief (and manufacturer advertising), the body absorbs nicotine salt more slowly than a nicotine shot as a neutral solution. The absorption and the biological effect of nicotine are lower with Nic Salt. This also reduces the health burden on your body from nicotine.

What exactly is benzoic acid?

Benzoic acid is a substance used as a preservative in the food industry. In nature, benzoic acid occurs, for example, in fruits or dairy products. In terms of health, the inhalation of benzoic acid is declared harmless.

What is the difference between nicotine shots and nicotine salts in vaping?

We would have clarified the biological effect of shots and salt. However, another difference between the two nicotine additives is the feeling of vaping.

When you use a nicotine shot, you achieve what is known as a throat hit. Here you have a more or less strong scratching when you draw, similar to a cigarette. (You can find more information about Throat Hit here)

Since the nicotine is absorbed more weakly with nicotine salt, the throat hit is also significantly weaker when using this additive. The feeling when pulling on the e-cigarette is, therefore, more pleasant, and the throat is not so irritated.

Conclusion: nicotine shot or nicotine salt – a matter of taste

If you compare the mode of action of the two nicotine additives, it quickly becomes clear that it is all a matter of individual taste. You should use nicotine shots if a strong throat hit and a higher nicotine intake are important. If you don’t want that, we recommend nicotine salt.

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