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Nic Salts: the Alternative We’ve Been Waiting For

Nic Salts: the Alternative We've Been Waiting For

The last Vapexpo highlighted the future major trends in the vape market. While the CBD liquids were the stars of the show, the nicotine salt liquids were also a great success. The opportunity to take stock of this innovation could well change the way you vape. Today, the nic salts are widely used in the disposable vape, and they soon became the bestselling vape worldwide.

Almost perfect

To start, a quick word on “traditional” nicotine. The one found in our liquids is in a basic form, in other words, purified. A property that allows it to be easily assimilated by our body and to have a lasting effect on the body. On the downside, it remains much less effective in its spread than that delivered by a conventional cigarette. Thus, when we smoke, nicotine reaches the brain in just 10 seconds while it takes at least 10 minutes of vaping to achieve the same result… The nicotine in our liquids also poses a problem when its concentration is high (more than 12 mg ). Its passage in the throat can then be unpleasant and synonymous with coughing fits. Vapers therefore often tend to favor liquids with a nicotine level that is too low compared to their real need. This results in significant but mandatory consumption to fill the gap.

More efficiency, less hit

Naturally present in tobacco leaves, nicotine salts offer sensations very close to what one can feel with a puff of a classic cigarette. Satisfaction is achieved more quickly, almost instantly. Liquids with nicotine salts also have the advantage of providing a much softer “hit” (sensation of passage in the throat), which makes it possible to use high levels and therefore improve their effectiveness a little more.

An alternative for heavy smokers

We quickly understand that liquids with nicotine salts are primarily intended for people who have difficulty managing their cravings with traditional e-liquids. We are thinking in particular of heavy smokers who would like to quit but who have great difficulty staying away from their pack of cigarettes for a long time. Already regulated by the TPD vape, the nicotine level that cannot exceed 20 mg/ml (and which would not be enough for 25 to 30% of smokers), they are sometimes forced to opt for even lower levels to have an acceptable hit. , which necessarily reduces their chances of success. Although subject to the same regulations, liquids with nicotine salts will represent a good alternative for this public by offering sensations closer to the classic cigarette.

And for vape-smokers

Vape smokers might also be interested in these new products. Generally, their tobacco consumption is linked to times of the day when they do not have enough time to be sufficiently satisfied with their e-cig (the famous cigarette breaks for example) or at times when the feeling of withdrawal is too important (a stressful situation, evening with friends, waking up, etc.). Thanks to their better efficiency, liquids with nicotine salts could be a good solution to permanently do without these last “killers”.

A solution to reduce consumption

Finally, let’s talk about the heavy vapers tired of always hanging on to their electronic cigarette. Nicotine salts will allow them to take longer puffs while maintaining the same level of satisfaction. They will also consume less liquid, which is always good news for the wallet!

Pay attention to the material

The various advantages of nicotine salts should not make us forget that it is still nicotine, which is also highly dosed (20 mg/ml in general). It is therefore not recommended to use these products with atomizers allowing them to reach high powers. The hit felt being weaker, there is a risk of absorbing too much nicotine without realizing it, especially among experienced vapers.

What effects on health?

Each innovation in the vaping sector is necessarily accompanied by questions about its effects on the health of vapers. So far, no large-scale study has been done on the subject. It is therefore too early to say. However, nicotine salts and purified nicotine likely have the same effects on the body. There would therefore be no real difference in terms of risks.


If nicotine salts should not revolutionize the world of vaping, they still represent a real alternative. The nic salts offer sensations that are much more like those of a classic cigarette, which is very promising for smokers wishing to quit tobacco permanently. More generally, this innovation is aimed at all vapers looking for simplicity and efficiency.

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