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Lung Disease From Vaping?

Lung Disease From Vaping?

We have already reported to you several times about unfounded studies and news reports from the USA and WHO directed against vaping. After the week before last, it was still about brain damage, and today everything revolves around the topic of lung diseases. Maybe you’ve heard of it too because the German media have adopted this news report from the USA. Almost 100 cases are being investigated in which vapers were taken to hospitals with previously unknown lung diseases. But don’t worry directly because there is more to it than the media lets you know.

Panic but why?

The US disease agency CDC (Center for Disease, Control, and Prevention) is currently examining 98 cases of diseases that have occurred in over 14 states in the USA since the end of June. Those affected have experienced various symptoms such as difficulty breathing, severe coughing, tachycardia, chest pain, fever, nausea, and vomiting. However, the exact disease behind these symptoms has not yet been diagnosed, and the exact cause has not been identified.

All those affected have one thing in common: They use e-cigarettes. So they are automatically to blame. So we ban all vaporizers, and that’s good – or is there more to it?

When journalistic diligence becomes scarce

Unfortunately, it has now almost become a matter of course that news reports about e-cigarettes are negative in some form. And with this topic, too, the media are again focusing exclusively on the negative core aspect, namely that those affected by the disease all use e-cigarettes. These news reports from the various portals, designed for sensationalism – a major daily newspaper even reports on alleged deaths that did not exist – not only damage the image of the e-cigarette but are also absolutely misleading because the health problems of the sick do not come from the devices themselves, but from what people put in their vaporizers.

And that’s precisely what gets lost in most reports of these events. Because the sick people did not vape conventional liquid but liquids mixed with THC or CBD oil. Some extremely heavily dosed mixtures were bought from so-called pop-up shops. These shops often change their location and are only open for a short time to avoid official controls.

As dubious as this business model sounds, the quality of the products sold there is also questionable. Because the pop-up shops mainly do not sell liquids from regulated and controlled productions but self-mixed liquids, some of which even contain illegal substances.

Do vapers have to worry now?

We can answer this question quite simply: Nope. You don’t need to worry if you don’t buy your liquids from street vendors and stay away from dubious suppliers. You should buying vaping products from reliable vape manufacturer. In the USA (and the EU), there are stringent regulations for the production of liquid. If you buy your liquids – or your components to mix yourself – in a specialist shop, you can continue vaping without hesitation.

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