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Long-Term Study: How Dangerous Are Vaping?

Long-Term Study: How Dangerous Are Vaping?

About a month ago, a study from the USA stated that e-cigarettes are said to be as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. However, we have worked through the fact that this study is not reliable. That’s not something surprising as there are so many people or organizations denigrating vape products

This article is also about a study on the harmfulness of e-cigarettes. However, the study comes from Italy which we are about to present does not deal with the difference between e-cigarettes and traditional tobacco cigarettes. Instead, it is about the effects of vaping on the human body compared to people who do not smoke or vape. All vital information and the study results can be found in this article.

General conditions and course of the study

The study examined a group of people who vaped pods, or disposable vape kits regularly (daily) but had never smoked cigarettes. These subjects were compared to a reference group of people who had never vaped or smoked. The two groups were similar in terms of number, the proportion of women and men, and age.

During the study, the subjects were regularly checked and examined by doctors to check compliance with the framework conditions. A total of 5 people were excluded from the study for various reasons or discontinued their participation.

Study Results: Is Vaping Harmful?

After 3.5 years of regular checks and intensive monitoring of the subjects, a final and extensive examination was carried out. For this purpose, the subjects were examined for heart, kidneys and, of course, lungs. The vaping group and the test persons who consumed neither e-cigarettes nor tobacco were compared. The following was what they have found:

  • Neither blood pressure, heartbeat, nor weight changed due to vaping.
  • No lung function or capacity change could be detected, not even in the subjects who vaped more than others.
  • Irritation of the respiratory tract was not found in any test person. Individuals from the group of vapers reported irregular and sporadic coughing.
  • Vaping also did not affect the cardiovascular system

The study’s results can be summarized as follows: Vaping did not deteriorate the state of health of any test person. And that was what has been proven by so many studies before. Many smokers even quit smoking with the help of vaping.

Is This Study Reliable?

In contrast to the almost ridiculously unscientific study by Stanton Glantz from the USA, it can be assumed that the study’s results are reliable. The data collected specifically for this paper and the conduct of the investigations are described in detail. Therefore, they can also be reproduced by other scientists, which is one of the fundamental pillars of severe scientific work.

implications of the study

The study presented uses scientifically collected facts to prove that vaping has no adverse effects on a person’s health. So will the study finally end the annoying discussion about the topic?

Probably not.

Misunderstanding of vape is a common problem. Dealing with these rumors are part of our daily life as a disposable vape manufacturer. The study was published in November 2017, and we only became aware of it recently. Nevertheless, we hope to be able to spread the study further with this article, and of course, we also wish that news portals would take notice of it.

Would you like to read the study? You can find the publication here.

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