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Is vaping cheaper than smoking?

Is vaping cheaper than smoking

Smoking costs money. A lot of money. How much exactly? We’ll come back to that in a moment. The high price of cigarettes is one of the most important reasons for quitting smoking. But is the switch also worthwhile from a cost perspective? Vaping is also said to be quite expensive – at least that’s what they say. At first glance, high-quality vape pod kits, in particular, sometimes seem very expensive. Let’s get to the bottom of it all.

What does smoking cost per month?

The actual costs of smoking depend on various factors, such as individual smoking behaviour or the preferred brand. In addition, the prices vary slightly for each brand. For our calculation example, we assume that you smoke about one pack of cigarettes daily and that a pack costs 7$. After 30 days, you have already spent 210$ on smoking.

Monthly: 1 pack of cigarettes at 7$ x 30 days = 210$

In a year, you get a total of 2,520$ that you spend on cigarettes!

It is cheaper to quit smoking by, for example, buying cheaper brands from discounters ($5-6 per pack = $150-$180 per month) or rolling or stuffing cigarettes yourself (approx. $100 per month). Although rolling cigarettes is the cheapest option, but it takes you a lot of time.

What does vaping cost per month?

But what about vaping? The costs also depend on various factors such as the choice of device and the liquid consumption. Let’s assume for our calculation example that you buy an vape kit consisting of a pod for 80$. The pod must be changed every four weeks and cost around $3.50 each. In addition, we are assuming a liquid consumption of 3 ml per day and a liquid price of $59 per 100 ml. The consumption results from a vaping frequency similar to cigarette consumption. The price results from the purchase of liquid in 10ml bottles for $5.90 each.

One-time: 80$ for the vaporizer | Monthly: 1 coil at $3.50 + 3 ml of liquid at $0.55 x 30 days = $53

In the first year as a vaper, you get a total of 716$. In the following year, if you don’t buy a new evaporator, you should plan to pay about 50$ for spare parts such as batteries or new tanks.

You can also save money when vaping if you buy liquids in larger units (e.g. 50 or 100 ml).

Smoking vs vaping

If you compare the determined costs with each other, it quickly becomes clear which one is better off from a cost perspective: $2,520 per year for smoking compared to $716 per year for vaping. So you save around $1,800 a year if you vape instead of smoking. When vaping, there are only additional costs for new atomizers and cartridges unless you go for disposable vapes, which pay for themselves quickly. Is there more to say about this? There might be one small thing:

The real price you pay when you smoke

However, one important factor should not be overlooked when smoking: it is more expensive than vaping and significantly more dangerous! So you not only pay with your money but literally with your life. Sounds a bit overdramatic, but it is.


After this blog post, it should be clear to everyone: Vaping saves your body some strain and your wallet. Even if you should buy a more expensive vaporizer – even several a year – you still save a lot of money a year. What are you waiting for? Push the last cigarette into the ashtray and start vaping!

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