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Is The E-cigarette Leaking? – This is How You Get the Problem Under Control

Is The E-cigarette Leaking? – This is How You Get the Problem Under Control

Anyone who invests in a good, high-quality e-cigarette will inevitably have good experiences and will usually receive a durable and highly functional product. But if you vape regularly for a long time, you will have rather unpleasant experiences, such as a leaking pod, sooner or later. For those who are experiencing this for the first time, who have just bought their first device and switched to electronic cigarettes, it may be frightening at first. You feel a drop of e-liquid on your hand, and you start frantically investigating why the pod kit is leaking or what to do if it happens. First of all, in the event of a leaking pod, you should not immediately panic. Of course, it is not ideal if the liquid slowly leaks out of the device, but leaking is not uncommon. And because so many vapers have had their experience with it, this problem is also very easy to fix.

In most cases, the device is not faulty or even damaged. Leaking is much more likely to result from handling and reflecting on an action or lack of action by the user. In this post, we have looked at the different reasons why e-cigarettes can leak and leak. There are also several tips for each tip to ensure that the problem can be solved quickly and maybe even avoided completely in the future.

Check Pod For Cracks

If you buy your pod from a well-known vape manufacturer and rely on the quality, you will most likely get a product made of heat-resistant glass. This is very robust and should not cause any problems when handling. However, if you are not careful enough with your e-cigarette, perhaps dropping it or treating it roughly, you can cause a tear. This crack can sometimes be so small that you cannot see it with the naked eye. The only effect you notice is the vape liquid coming out. If you want to find out whether the pod has a quirk or not, you have to take a closer look at it. For example, a magnifying glass or another tool can be used to enlarge the image. Another common trick is finding the finest hairline cracks in soapy water. For this purpose, the pod should first all be empty and undamaged. Now the outside is dipped in soapy water until the outside of the pod is completely covered. Next, you should blow into the pod. A tool can also be used here. If small bubbles form outside the pod due to the air pressure inside, you can assume that there is also a fine crack at this point that allows air or e-liquid to pass through. But a broken pod is not the end of the world. Many manufacturers even offer to replace damaged pods, especially if a production error is responsible. Once the pod has been replaced, nothing should leak out.

Fill The pod Correctly

Even when filling the pod with e-liquid, some mistakes can be made, which as a consequence, can later lead to the pod leaking. The fact is that every pod has a maximum filling level. Consequently, we cannot just fill the pod as full as we like. If the pod is too full, it will leak. Care must always be taken when refilling. One should keep an eye on the maximum filling level, either visually marked on most pods or clearly stated in the operating instructions. In addition, tact is required because not only too much e-liquid can lead to problems. Too little is not good, either. Filling the pod with too little vape liquid increases the risk of the coils drying out and later burning out. That, too, should be avoided.

Keep pod Clean

The cleanliness of the pod and e-cigarette also have a corresponding influence on whether the device remains functional or whether there are problems with leakage. Therefore, it is correspondingly important to carry out regular cleaning work on the vaporizer to ensure that it works well and lasts a long time. If you don’t do this, the residues of e-liquids will settle in thicker and thicker layers inside the pod and can lead to problems. A bigger problem is the leakage of the filled liquid. Therefore, the device and the pod should be cleaned in a routine so that they continue to function as well as they did shortly after purchase. If you have vaped a lot and damaged the device a bit, you should first remove the pod and rinse it out well. Changing the coils can also be used for superficial or more in-depth cleaning. For the latter, the pod can be soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove deposits. Visit our blog for more tips on how to clean your e-cigarette.

Check The Functionality Of The Seals

Leaking of the e-cigarette can also occur if individual parts are not screwed together correctly and are not tight enough. For example, if the coil is not properly screwed on, there may be a small gap or opening through which liquid can leak. So before replacing individual parts because you think they are damaged, it is always worth looking at gaskets and fittings. Checking whether everything is screwed together tightly enough doesn’t take long and saves you quite a bit of money that you might otherwise have put into a new pod or other spare parts. However, the fault may lie elsewhere if the device is sufficiently tight and the coils and pod are firmly attached.

Use The Right E-liquid

Not all e-liquid is the same. Even if you use mixtures with the same high nicotine level, they can differ vehemently from each other. Each liquid has a certain ratio of VG to PG (vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol). Most vapers develop a certain preference over time here as well. Mixtures with more PG are typically much thinner than those with a high proportion of vegetable glycerin. Due to this thin liquid, the risk of leakage is significantly higher here. If you have always used liquids with a lot of propylene glycol, switching to a different mixing ratio could also lead to the pod leaking noticeably less often.

Check Coils

Believe it or not, many e-cigarettes expire because something is wrong with the coil. For example, many vaporizers only work properly if combined with coils from the same manufacturer. Therefore, you should always ensure that your device is also intended for the accessories used. You should also always remember when vaping that such a coil does not last forever. It has to be replaced at a certain point, simply because otherwise it causes an unpleasant taste and can no longer do its job. If this is the case, it can also leak the pod. Especially if you have used the same coil for several weeks and used the e-cigarette more than a few times, you should get a replacement as soon as possible. If you replace the coil, you will most likely get the leakage problem under control. From time to time, there is a problem even with new coils. Then you usually received a Monday product that was not good from the start. The defective product should then be replaced and the problem solved. Fortunately, coils are inexpensive, so buying new is a good strategy when you have a device constantly being phased out.

Drain The pod Before Traveling

If you are travelling with the e-cigarette taking it with you on a long journey and transporting it as luggage, you should always empty the pod beforehand. The packaging of e-liquids is significantly thicker and closes better than a conventional pod, making them much more suitable for transport when travelling. Vape pods often have air holes, making leakage even more likely. The device and the securely packaged liquids should be fastened as securely as possible in the case or bag so that they cannot move back and forth indiscriminately later. This could result in impacts damaging the glass, leading to an even greater risk of leakage later. In addition, the leaking liquid would ruin all the luggage. Using resealable plastic bags for transport is also a very good idea.

Hold The Device Correctly

Even if you are probably just as used to it as tobacco, not every e-cigarette can be held horizontally. This is often not the position of the device intended by the manufacturer. Especially with mods, air holes are often attached to the top of the pod or the seals give way more quickly in a horizontal position. If you don’t want to do anything wrong here, it’s best to read the operating instructions more closely. If that is no longer an option because you may have disposed of it long ago, there is another possibility. If you suspect that the e-cigarette is leaking because you are holding the device incorrectly, it is best to try out what a different position will do for yourself. Suppose you notice a significant reduction in leakage at a certain angle. In that case, you are welcome to apply this knowledge and thus get the problems caused by escaping e-liquid under control.

In the end, all that remains to be said is that there is no need to panic if the pod leaks. Most problems can be fixed quickly, and the e-cigarette is like new again in no time. Even if you always want the best vape experience, you can ignore a few drops of e-liquid. However, if the problem occurs again and again and spoils your vaping, replacing the pod with a higher-quality model can make sense. If you have any questions about dealing with a leaking pod or our offer, you can reach us here.

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