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Instructions: Mix E-juice Yourself

Mix E-juice Yourself

The variety of flavors of e-cigarette liquids is sometimes very wide and is constantly evolving. In addition to a huge selection of ready-mixed e-liquids, there is now a sworn fan base of self-mixed liquids. There are no limits to creativity; for example, a menthol liquid can be mixed with fruity aromas, and you will experience a completely new and unique vaping experience. In this blog post, we would like to show you the advantages of mixing the liquid yourself.

Are mixing liquids also suitable for beginners?

Mixing the e-cigarette flavor is, as said before, not rocket science, and once you have done it according to the instructions, it is very easy. There comes a time for everyone’s first time, so don’t be put off by making your liquid aroma; you don’t need a Ph.D. We will give you good help and show you what to look for.


The base serves as the cornerstone for your aroma. In addition to the corresponding range, Liquid Base 5L canisters offer a significant cost advantage compared to smaller quantities. For an easy start, you should choose a VG/PG base with a 50/50 concentration; this is also found in most ready-made liquids. Of course, nicotine plays an important role when mixing liquids. You can determine the dosage amount individually or mix a liquid without nicotine. As a crucial part of making an e-cigarette flavor yourself, the flavoring substance, the flavor, is added at the end. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation, 1-15% of it is added, giving the tasteless base the desired taste. You can determine the dosage yourself with a simple percentage calculation. Alternatively, there are enough free Liquid Base calculators on the net.


A simple example: If you want to produce 10ml nicotine-free liquid with 10% aroma, you need 9ml base and 1ml aroma. To do this, suck up, with a syringe, 9ml of the base liquid into a mixing container and then, again with a syringe, add 1ml of the desired aroma. Then close the mixing container leak-proof and mix the two ingredients. The last step is to fill the liquid into a specially designed liquid bottle and, ideally, leave it for a while. You should only mix 10ml liquids at the beginning, as you may only have to dispose of a small amount if something doesn’t work out. When mixing liquids yourself, it is important to note that the nicotine, if used, should always be dosed conscientiously and that you should never vape an aroma pure. If you stick to it, nothing stands in the way of relaxed vaping.


When mixing liquid aromas, the possible combinations are almost endless; similar to the human imagination, there is nothing that does not exist, and gourmand vapers can let off steam without limits. You are not dependent on a standard tobacco liquid; desserts such as sundaes or tarts can serve as inspiration. Also, the combination of flavors that one would not normally mix can be very interesting to vape. With a little willingness to experiment, you will quickly create one or the other favorite liquid taste.

maturing time

Everyone knows it from cooking or wine; good things take time, which also applies to the maturing time of liquid aromas, but opinions and personal preferences often differ. In general, however, one can say that fresh aromas with mint usually taste good straight out of the bottle, but it never hurts to shake well and leave it for a day. In the case of fruity flavors, the full flavor only unfolds after three to five days of maturing; with sweet flavors, you should sometimes even wait a week before vaping. The aromas do not get worse with longer maturation but better, like with good wine.

cost cheaper than buying ready-made liquids?

The more convenient option is having liquids mixed or buying them ready-mixed from the manufacturer, but mixing them yourself makes more economic sense. A self-mixing e-cigarette liquid kit, with syringes and mixing containers, pays for itself quickly since the costs for base and flavor are significantly lower than the ready-mixed liquids.

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