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Instructions: Flash and Throat Hit Like Smoking

Flash and Throat Hit Like Smoking

Many smokers who want to switch to e-cigarettes miss the strong and harsh effect of inhaling conventional tobacco cigarettes. Can the so-called throat hit also be produced with e-cigarettes?

Yes, we can

As different as vaping and smoking may be, there are still some parallels, and the experience and ritual as such can be experienced as deceptively similar if desired. The fact that e-cigarettes can serve as a substitute is confirmed by the high success rate now being achieved worldwide when switching to the healthier alternative. So it should be said in advance that a throat hit, which forms the necessary experience when smoking, and the obligatory nicotine flash can be fully adapted to steam devices, and the intensity can also be regulated. Vaping has its finger on the pulse of the times; if you compare the diverse setting options of today’s vape pod or disposable vape, you feel reminded of the Stone Age with the filters on some cigarettes that can be shortened. So it’s no wonder that more and more smokers are recognizing the potential of e-cigarettes and switching with an incomparably high success rate compared to nicotine sprays and patches.

Increase e-cigarette flash

So what provides the basis for a smoky vape experience with a brisk throat hit and a short exhilarating flash? A corresponding amount of nicotine is required in the liquid to feel the pleasant flash. Since the offer is huge, you can roughly choose between 1.5 and 20mg of nicotine per ml. The rule here is that the heavier the smoker, the stronger the nicotine content should be when switching, so the flash and throat hit become more intense. The amount of vapour you inhale also plays a role, meaning that the more vapour you inhale per puff, the more nicotine can be absorbed with each puff.

Throat hit? Mix it, baby

The mixture of the liquid to be vaporized is responsible for the amount of vapour. These consist of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). PG is the flavour carrier responsible for the throat hit’s strength, while VG, the more concentrated, the more fog it creates. The more percentage of PG a liquid indeed contains, the stronger the throat hit becomes and is noticeable by tickling and slight scratching in the throat and pharynx. It would help if you slowly worked your way up to the optimal personal dosage since too high a PG proportion can provoke an unpleasant cough. The most throat-hit-oriented e-liquid mixes are slightly over 50% PG, up to around 60%.

Power to the people

Choosing the right device is crucial for a smoke-like experience with significantly fewer pollutants. To be able to influence the following parameters, you first need a starter set that supports wattage and temperature mode. Especially with higher wattages, the desired throat hit can be strengthened again and weakened with higher PG concentrations. If you choose a kit with immense power beyond 150 or even 200 watts, strong and intense throat hits can still be achieved with the addition of less nicotine and a low PG content.

Is it all just hot air?

Most evaporators now offer the option of individually adjusting the airflow via Airflow Control. A little airflow is usually chosen when using a cheek steamer, as the steam is first inhaled into the mouth and then into the lungs. As a result, lung vapers choose an open airflow where the vapour concentration is weakened due to the larger volume of air. In addition, the choice of the appropriate aroma plays a crucial role when it comes to a strong throat hit. Many liquids are mixed with a menthol note, which gives the vape pleasure that certain extra with a pleasant, cool kick when inhaling and exhaling.

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