The future of atomization

HYPERCOIL® is the latest atomizing core technology innovated by KONSMO INNOVATION, and it has obtained patents from several regions and countries.

The Benefits

There are so many benefits you will get from HYPERCOIL. Compared to others, the vape devices with HYPERCOIL inside will vaporize the e-liquid more completely and maximize the flavor of the e-liquid. All that means a bolder taste, richer vapor, and a better vaping experience.

Airflow resistance has been redesigned to meet different vaping methods, like MTL, DTL, and even MTN. Not all vapers are the same, but all can benefit from HYPERCOIL technology.

Behind The Tech

The R&D team behind HYPERCOIL are experts with different backgrounds, including material application science, aerodynamics, flavors and fragrances, and biology. All of them are vape lovers committed to improving the atomization process of e-cigarettes with the latest technical solutions.