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How Many People Around the World are Using E-cigarettes?

Since the advent of e-cigarettes, vapers around the world have undergone explosive changes. For many vapers, vaping can feel lonely at times. For vapers who don’t know how many people are vaping like themselves, it’s easy to think there is no one to share their enthusiasm. For a traditional smoker, cigarette socialization is easy – there are always other smokers around to share cigarettes with them – but vape users do not have this advantage. Usually, they do not have a vape connection friend. Fortunately, vaping is now more popular than ever, and those vaping users, along with millions of other members, automatically belong to a super-special global vaping club.

How many people are vaping in the world today? That’s exactly what we wanted to know. As the relatively new vapour market, relevant research on users is still relatively weak and underdeveloped. After researching numerous good resources and recent vaping statistics (and using some simple math), we attempted to estimate this number.

How many people around the world smoke e-cigarettes?

Estimating the number of e-cigarette users worldwide may be more complicated than you think. The ever-changing e-cigarette market and the sudden change in a country’s regulations affect the number of vapers; however, only in the past few years have some emerging countries also witnessed extreme growth in e-cigarettes.

To make our global assessment as objective as possible, we turned to two reliable sources of statistics on the vaping industry – the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Euromonitor International. From these resources, we know:

According to the CDC, there are currently 9 million e-cigarette users in the United States.

According to Euromonitor International, the total number of e-cigarette users in the United States accounts for 43.2% of the world’s real e-cigarette users.

Using these statistics, we estimate that there are at least 30.8 million e-cigarette users worldwide.

While the global user base continues to grow, what is most interesting is how many people use e-cigarettes in various regions of the world, and how will laws and perceptions in those regions affect the number of e-cigarette users in that region?

How many e-cigarette users are there in North America?

North America consists of three countries with very other e-cigarette markets and corresponding laws and regulations.

The United States is the world’s leading e-cigarette market, with more than 9 million users spending $3.7 billion on related products each year. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also estimates that the prevalence of e-cigarettes among adults based on the total U.S. population is about 3.7%, and this segment of adults is using e-cigarettes daily or within a few days. . U.S. e-cigarette laws vary from state to state. However, according to federal guidelines, vaping products must be regulated as tobacco products.

The Canadian e-cigarette market consists of approximately 308,000 to 946,000 users. The figure is based on statistics released by the University of Waterloo. The data estimates 946,000 Canadians have used vaping devices in the past 30 days, compared with 308,000 daily users. In Canada, there are few federal restrictions related to vaping, and all regulations are made at the provincial or municipal level. This means that, in some provinces, no regulations limit where individuals can vape (unless established), while others impose the same restrictions as other tobacco products.

It is unclear how many e-cigarette users there are in Mexico. What is known, however, is that their laws against vaping can be very confusing. While vaping is legal in Mexico, there are strict restrictions on the sale, trade, distribution, production, and promotion of non-tobacco products, including vaping and vaping products.

How many e-cigarette users are there in Europe?

There is a massive market for e-cigarettes in Europe, but the market is now fully regulated under the TPD, which took effect in 2016

The biggest growing market for e-cigarettes in Europe is the U.K., with around 2.8 million users. That number had quadrupled from 2012, when only 700,000 e-cigarette users were nationwide. In the U.K., e-cigarettes have become one of the fastest-growing supermarket products, with sales and value increasing by 50% year-on-year to 17.3 million cigarettes.

There are currently more than 3.5 million e-cigarette users in Russia. A latecomer to the revolution, the country’s first vaping store didn’t open until 2014. But the popularity of the vape is exploding, and there are currently more than 500 vape shops in Moscow alone and more than 1,400 across Russia. Likewise, Germany now has more than 3 million e-cigarette users; this number is likely to rise significantly soon.

Other European countries with important e-cigarette use statistics include:

• France: A recent national survey by France’s Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction showed that 7.7 million to 9.2 million French residents had tried e-cigarettes at some point.

• Italy: While vaping across Italy continued to decline between 2014 and 2015, growth in 2016 looked promising. It is estimated that there are approximately 2.34 million regular e-cigarette users in Italy, of which 1.38 million are daily users of e-cigarettes.

• Poland: It is estimated that there are 1.5 million e-cigarette users in Poland who spend about $129 million annually on e-cigarette-related products.

How many e-cigarette users are there in Asia?

Asia is the most populous continent on Earth, with 4.15 billion inhabitants, more than four times the total population of Africa. Therefore, Asia has more e-cigarette users than other continents, despite higher penetration in other regions, such as the U.S.

Surprisingly, the largest e-cigarette market in Asia is Malaysia (in terms of the average number of e-cigarette users per 100 inhabitants). Currently, approximately 1 million e-cigarette users in Malaysia spend US$117 million annually on vaping products. The rapid growth of this market is mainly due to the lack of regulation by the federal government, which gives Malaysian distributors a space to build their vaping products business and market without pressure from the government. However, this is changing as the government threatens to impose bans and restrictions on future vaping. In addition, Malaysia’s National Fatwa Council declared “vaping” “illegal” (haram) and banned Muslims from using it. With Muslims making up 61% of Malaysia’s total population, this could present challenges for those strongly involved in Islamic law.

Although there is only a tiny vaping community in Japan, Japan has the world’s highest annual growth rate of new vaping users. In 2016, steam equipment and products generated more than $4.6 million in revenue in Japan. This is minimal compared to the larger market, but compared to the 2015 Japanese e-cigarette statistics, it is 5 times higher than the previous year.

According to Korean industry insiders, there are about 1 million e-cigarette users in the early-developed Korean market.

Other Asian country vaping statistics to consider include:

• According to the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) survey, the popularity of e-cigarettes in Indonesia is about 10.9%. Of these people, 2.5 per cent had used e-cigarettes. With a population of 261.1 million, this is equivalent to about 711,000 people using e-cigarettes nationwide.

• About 4% of Filipinos use e-cigarettes regularly or occasionally, according to a Business Mirror survey. The Philippines has a population of 101.1 million, which means that as many as 6 million may be using e-cigarettes.

How many e-cigarette users are there on other continents of the world?

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 12.2 per cent of Australia’s population is a daily smoker. Nearly one-third (31%) of smokers have tried e-cigarettes, but only 4.4% of them use e-cigarettes regularly. Australia’s total population of 24.13 million is equivalent to about 2.994 million smokers and about 129,000 regular e-cigarette users.

E-cigarette use in Africa is relatively unknown. It can be assumed that most African countries have no central vaping community. However, in South Africa, there are 500,000 e-cigarette users, which has shown some growth momentum.

We couldn’t come up with an exact figure on how many people vaped. However, all we know is that there are already a large number of e-cigarette users around the world! Even conservatively, statistics would lead us to believe that every vaper shares their passion with at least 20 million other vapers worldwide. The current results are very optimistic for an industry as young as the iPhone product!

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