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How Long Does It Take To Quit Smoking With Vapes?

How Long Does It Take To Quit Smoking With Vapes

What price for a pack of cigarettes in the USA in 2019?

Smokers know it; smoking a cigarette is becoming more and more expensive, and the trend is not about to be reversed. It’s quite the opposite! By 2020, the USA State is planning several increases to reach the target of a pack of cigarettes at $10. This is why its price had already varied by 1 $ in 2018. It will increase again in 2019 to reach an average price of $9. This increase will be done in two stages: a first increase of 50 cents in March 2019, then a second of the same amount in November 2019. With this policy, the budget devoted to the purchase of its cigarettes becomes more and more difficult to support for many smokers, and if it was so easy to quit, it would have been known for a long time.

So what solutions are available to you? Buy packages abroad? Rather complicated when you are not a border worker. Not to mention that the purchase of tobacco abroad is highly regulated. Buy your pack of cigarettes on the internet? It’s forbidden. Therefore, switching to vaping seems to be the most suitable solution. It has already seduced many smokers thanks to its advantages, not only from a financial point of view but also for your health.

Vaping is the cheapest solution

In the USA, in 2019, a smoker consuming one pack per day will spend an average of $3,000 on their cigarettes. Remember this figure well because you will now understand all the interest in switching to vaping. Obviously, the price of an e-cigarette varies according to several factors: the quality of the model, its power, its design, etc. For beginners in the vape, we generally start with models between 30 and 40 $. To be able to use it, you will also need two things: bottles of e-liquids and pods for replacing. If we take the example of our smoker consuming one pack a day, to find the equivalent in nicotine, he will have to spend between 25 and 55 $ in e-liquid and 10 $ in pods each month. Over one year, we thus reach a total sum of around $600, i.e., as you will have understood, a price five times lower than traditional cigarettes. These vape kits are produced by vape manufacturer, which known as vape OEM, are really economical.

The e-cigarette the ideal product to reduce consumption

Reducing your expenses is good, but you have the longer-term goal of reducing or even completely stopping all tobacco consumption. Let’s not forget that this is the primary objective of this increase in the price of the package. In addition to being cheaper, the e-cigarette is the ideal tool for this. A British study recently demonstrated that the electronic cigarette was the most effective way to quit smoking, almost twice as effective as traditional patch-type methods. Or eraser. Once the cigarette has been stopped, you will have the possibility, with an e-liquid, to regulate the nicotine level according to your convenience and reduce it little by little. In the end, you will be able to fully enjoy the tasty liquid aromas without a single gram of nicotine while preserving your lungs.

An English study proves it: the e-cig is the best nicotine substitute

Not acting against behavioural addiction, the patch, the gums and the sprays do not have the same effectiveness as the e-cigarette, which has been recognized by a British study as the best nicotine substitute.

The New England Journal of Medicine is an English journal whose reputation is second to none as it is esteemed in the medical community. And it is in this renowned journal that a British study proves the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes. Bad news for members of the FDA, fervent detractors of the electronic cigarette. This large-scale study, supported by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) health technology assessment program and a grant from the Cancer Research UK Prevention Trials Unit, brought together a team of 13 doctors and 886 smokers followed for 12 months. Led by Peter Hajek, director of the Health and Lifestyle Research Unit at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine in London, this study finds its striking force in particular in its expertise in the fight against smoking.

Volunteers had to choose freely between the vape and various substitutes such as patches, sprays and gums to carry it out. Its participants are randomly selected adults attending smoking cessation services at the UK National Health Service. Within this framework, they were issued with nicotine replacement products of their choice and product combinations for three months, with a more than satisfactory result than other nicotine solutions.

Sustained abstinence for a year and twice the chance of success

In total, within the group of vapers, 18% quit smoking after 52 weeks, compared to 9% for the other methods. Thus, you are twice as likely to succeed in your fight against smoking by vaping.

Treatment included weekly behavioural support for at least 4 weeks. During each participant’s last visit, biochemically validated to guarantee its reliability, the medical team noted positive results: sustained abstinence for one year!

In France, the ECSMOKE study launched by the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) continues until 2022. Its difference from the English study but will lead to the same conclusions!

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