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How is Europe Facing the Fast-Growing E-cigarette Market?

Vaping tax in Germany: an increase from 2022

In Germany, vapers will see their vaping products increase by 2022. By how much?

The first increase in a decade

Last April, the German government tabled a new tax proposal dedicated to tobacco and nicotine products. The amendment that would come into force on July 1, 2022, would update taxes on tobacco products, including vape products, for the very first time in a decade.

In one year, and until 2023, nicotine products will be taxed at €0.02 per milligram of nicotinic alkaloids and will change to €0.04 per milligram in 2024. After that, 15 cents will be added in 2025 and 2026.

Therefore, a 10ml bottle of e-liquid that currently costs €5 will cost €1.60 more in 2022 and €3.20 by 2026.

A significant risk for German public health

According to the international association for the defence of the vape World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA), the increase in the tax on vaping products can discourage smokers from starting a process of smoking cessation. Its president, Michael Landl, believes that “anyone who wants to significantly reduce the public health damage caused by smoking must make access to vaping products easier, not more difficult. Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking and is recommended by health authorities in the UK, France and Canada for smoking cessation. Germany should follow the example of these countries instead of starting a war on vaping. Vaping can improve the lives of many smokers and therefore these products must continue to be affordable. A relapse of up to two million vapers to cigarette smoking would have fatal effects on public health.”

The president of the international association accuses the legislator of prioritizing its budget to the detriment of German public health: “If politicians want to improve the health of smokers, they must ensure that vaping products are affordable for everyone. People who want to get away from cigarettes and fight it should not pay for the benefit of the state budget. Unfortunately, it looks like it, even if no one wants to admit it,” he continues.

At the same time, the Royal College of Physicians released a report on British smoking.

A renowned British medical institution, the Royal College of Physicians, was the first to receive the distinction of “Royal Charter”. Founded in 1518, it is one of the most active organizations of medical professionals. The latter unveiled its latest anti-tobacco recommendations in a report entitled “Smoking and health 2021, A coming of age for tobacco control?”

The increase in taxation

The Royal College of Physicians recommends increasing taxation on the combustion of tobacco products. On the other hand, its introduction for vaping products is not recommended: “To encourage and signal the importance of replacing tobacco with less harmful forms of nicotine, the level of taxation applied to nicotine products other than tobacco should be proportionate to their harmful effects in relation to tobacco. Thus, the tax on medicinal nicotine should be abolished and the tax on electronic cigarettes reduced.”

Reinforcement of restrictions dedicated to smoking areas

After the TPD vape came into effect, legislation prohibiting smoking in hospitals has been adopted in the United Kingdom. The Royal College of Physicians recommends promoting restrictions on smoking areas. For example, the British institution wants to encourage smokers not to smoke indoors or authorize vaping in places where smoking is prohibited by creating smoke-free zones.

Promoting tobacco control

The United Kingdom regularly launches massive communication campaigns against smoking. In 2018 alone, he invested nearly £23 million. The Royal College of Physicians advises better communication on the use of vaping in quitting tobacco by showing that it is much less harmful than conventional cigarettes and by deconstructing its received ideas.

Proactive use of nicotine replacement therapy

According to the Royal College of Physicians, nicotine replacement therapy should be encouraged further, including vaping: “Reporting requirements on the content and emissions of consumer products containing nicotine without combustion such as e-cigarettes need to be standardized and made available to the public.”

Through its recommendations, the Royal College of Physicians affirms the moral nature of the United Kingdom in understanding the reduction of tobacco risks with vaping.

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