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How Do I Choose My First Vape Kit?

Choosing your first vape kit is not an easy job, with so many choices in the market offered by hundreds of vape manufacturers. We have summed up a few points you need to pay attention to when making the decision.

First of all, what is an e-cigarette? We are talking about an electronic vaping device capable of providing a valid alternative to the consumption of processed tobacco.

Let’s see the main components of the electronic cigarette:

BOX: battery body that powers our vaporizer;

ATOMIZER: a tank or pod that has the function of containing the liquid;

RESISTANCE: a component that, depending on the model of the electronic cigarette, must be screwed or inserted under pressure at the base of our atomizer, allowing the vaporization of the liquid.

Each electronic cigarette component is essential and fundamental, from the battery to the drip tip, from the liquid to the resistance. Before understanding how to choose an e-cigarette, I would like to talk about the resistance to electronic cigarettes.

What is resistance?

Resistance is part of our electronic cigarette that allows the vaporization of the liquid.

More specifically: the liquid is absorbed by the cotton contained in the capsule that we call “resistance” and brings it into contact with the actual coil, which, thanks to the energy released by the battery through the box, heats the liquid until it vaporizes and allows the “vape”.

For this reason, it is imperative and essential to ensure that there is never a lack of liquid in the tank.

As previously mentioned, resistance is the principal architect of the liquid’s vaporisation; therefore, it is essential to understand when to change it because by not replacing it, in addition to losing the aroma, you risk damaging the device.

The coil is what connects the tank with both the drip tip and the air holes; this means that by not replacing it, the deteriorated cotton will allow the liquid to pass more quickly, giving rise to leaks from the bottom of the atomizer, which could drip into the circuit damaging it, moreover, the excess liquid would risk reaching the mouth creating an unpleasant “vape” experience.

It is widespread to wonder if failure to use the electronic cigarette can compromise the resistance, and the answer is yes; standing still, the cotton continues to absorb liquid until the latter is released, creating a leak from the air holes. In conclusion, it is therefore essential to remember to replace the resistance approximately every 7/10 days to avoid losses, but above all, the unpleasant burnt taste that signals when the resistance is now to be thrown away.

OK, let’s get to the most crucial topic of the day; I want to try to quit smoking with an e-cigarette, but how do I choose my first e-cigarette?

Your first electronic cigarette

The factors in choosing the first E-Cig vary according to your needs, namely the battery capacity, size and shape.

The kit includes a box and atomizer and offers better performance and battery life.

In the pod mods, on the other hand, the two components are integrated into a single system, offering the main advantage of greater practicality and reduced size.

Depending on the needs, it is preferable to choose one type of E-Cig over the other; for example, if you carry out a job where you cannot recharge your device’s battery, a Kit with a battery with a considerable capacity is recommended. , so as not to end up with the box discharged during the day.

The E-liquid

After finding the electronic cigarette that convinces us the most, we have to choose the liquid to use. Indeed, it must be a pleasant fragrance to vape, but even more important is the amount of nicotine which must be sufficient to satisfy us so as not to alternate with the analogue cigarette. The amount of nicotine is usually assigned based on how many cigarettes are smoked in approximately one typical day.

Inhalation liquids have vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, aroma and nicotine. For beginners, our advice is to use ready-made e-liquids to have a ready-to-use product and not find yourself having to make mixtures.

In conclusion, we can say that the electronic cigarette is a more than valid tool for those who want to quit smoking, significantly reducing the damage and amortising a smoker’s expenses.

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