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How Addictive is Vaping Really?

How Addictive is Vaping Really

The question of how addictive the effects of e-cigarettes are is more relevant than ever. Because of this fear, many people do not dare to jump off the cigarette, and many uninformed people criticize vapers for allegedly just looking for another addiction. And if you look at this accusation completely neutrally from the outside, you can even understand it to a certain extent. After all, to outsiders, it may appear as if the previous smoker swapped out their cigarette for a newer, futuristic model. People still smoke, often even at the same frequency. Can one consider the e-cigarette as a way out of addiction if consumption is not restricted? The answer here is certainly a little frightening for many; it is not as it first appears. The comparison of the addictive effects between cigarettes and e-cigarettes is flawed at all ends and can even be dangerous for all those who would otherwise have used the technology to effectively combat addiction and as a way out of nicotine dependency. To do educational work here and to answer the question of addiction once and for all, we have chosen exactly this topic today. We explain why the e-cigarette is the better choice and share all the useful information it takes to understand the benefit of this technology.

The Addiction To Nicotine

When it comes to the question of how dangerous addiction to nicotine is, comparisons to illegal drugs are quickly drawn. It is said that nicotine is even more addictive than, for example, cocaine or heroin. However, this comparison is mainly because the success rate for nicotine withdrawal is one of the worst. The reason for this is explained very quickly. Besides youth protection laws, nicotine is also a legal substance in Germany. This means not only that it is much easier for the individual to get it, but also that there are many situations in everyday life in which one is confronted with the addiction and runs the risk of relapsing. In addition, it is not only the nicotine in the cigarette that contributes to the potential for addiction. Every cigarette also contains thousands of different chemicals, some of which have not been scientifically identified. Some of these are toxic, some are carcinogenic, and others have effects we’re unaware of. Many of them contribute to how dependent the cigarette appears. In addition to nicotine, many chemicals also have antidepressant effects, similar to drugs used to treat depression, panic disorder, and other mental illnesses. Therefore, these substances also have a calming or mood-enhancing effect on completely healthy people, contributing to the development of dependency. It is the combination of all its ingredients that makes cigarettes so dangerous and this addiction so unpredictable. Experiments have even shown that isolated nicotine would not have a similarly addictive effect either in animal experiments or in experiments on humans. From this, it can only be concluded that the e-cigarette is significantly less addictive simply because it contains no added chemicals.

Amazing Facts About Vaper

In a recently published study, researchers looked at the behavior of smokers and vapers to make a comparison. Only those who regularly smoked cigarettes or e-cigarettes were considered since it is with these that the question of dependence is valid in the first place. The most interesting results are the following:

Statistically, people who smoke e-cigarettes start smoking much later in the day and do not tend to indulge their addiction as soon as they wake up, as is often the case with regular smokers, for example.

Vapers identify themselves less often as addicts because of the comparatively different feeling and the noticeably less addictive effect since the need for the e-cigarette is noticeably lower than the conventional cigarette.

Most vapers find it much easier to go without vaping for long periods in public places with special regulations, and they don’t immediately experience strong cravings or even withdrawal symptoms.

The gist of recent studies is the following: There is no doubt that e-cigarettes have an addictive effect, mainly due to the repetitive gestures involved in consumption and to the nicotine itself. First of all, it is a product that was specially developed to satisfy the addiction. However, it can also be said that the resulting form of dependency is far from being on the same level as conventional cigarettes.

Why the addictive factor in vaping is irrelevant

It may sound somewhat irritating that we first talk about finally wanting to clarify the question of addiction to e-cigarettes and finally conclude that this question is irrelevant. The main reason for this lies in the mere intention behind the e-cigarette. In contrast to cigarettes or alcohol, it is not simply a consumer good. The e-cigarette was specifically designed to help people quit smoking. And to date, it is the most effective way to get a smoker off the cigarette. It has been proven that using an e-cigarette not only drastically reduces the health risk, but also that many addictions gradually subside. Of course, vaping is also an addiction-like phenomenon in the end, but if you draw a direct comparison and the vaper would only reach for tobacco again without an e-cigarette, vaping is still much more than just the lesser evil, and the many advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Even if you quickly form a habit of using e-cigarettes, you will harm yourself, the environment, and everyone around you significantly less and can reduce the risk to your health by at least 95%.

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