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Golden Tips For E-cigarette Beginners

Golden Tips For E-cigarette Beginners

Smokers have a hard time. Apart from the health risks, they are also affected by the public smoking ban, constant tax increases and disgusting shock photos on cigarette packs. Despite all the disadvantages, for those who do not want to do without the stimulating effect of nicotine and the aromatic vapour taste, the e-cigarette is the best alternative. For a successful entry into vaping, we give some valuable tips on what you should pay attention to and which devices make it easier to get started.

Make sure you have enough battery power

Small disposable cigarettes that need to be discarded after a single use are not recommended as they cannot adequately satisfy either a former smoker or a vaper. Battery performance is crucial for electronic vaping. On the one hand, the battery’s lifespan depends on the specified strength in mAh and the steam development; the more power, the more steam. Right off the bat, you won’t need that much power to churn out competitive clouds right away, but the battery should be strong enough for the vape to last all day. It is also advisable to purchase a device with a replaceable battery so that the empty battery can be replaced quickly if necessary. Especially when you are at work all day and travel a lot, the battery cannot always be recharged.

Starter sets make it easier to get started

Our last blog post presented a selection of starter sets that have everything you need to get started. The principle of these devices is to vape directly without long preparations. It is often sufficient to fill the desired liquid into the vaporizer, switch it on, and start. The Joyetech EGO AIO is ideal for the very first steps. It has a 2ml liquid tank, sufficient battery capacity with 1,500 mAh and a power range of 15-28 watts. With such entry-level models, everyone can try out vaping, as it has significant differences from smoking cigarettes in terms of taste and the way it is inhaled. The very first puffs can cause coughing or a slightly scratchy throat. After a short period of familiarization, the vapour is often perceived as pleasantly soft and more flavorful than tobacco smoke. Of course, many beginner models also allow exact temperature setting up to sub-ohm vaping.

The best liquids for beginners

Using the right liquid is another important issue. For non-smokers, the choice is a little easier, as they can choose the taste freely and only have to ensure that the nicotine content corresponds to 0mg. For people switching, i.e. former smokers, it is a little more complicated to determine the right nicotine strength for themselves at the beginning. The “flash”, the stimulating high caused by the nicotine, is very different when vaping than when smoking a cigarette. For an average smoker who smokes 15-20 cigarettes daily, we recommend nicotine salts liquids with a strength of 30 – 50mg. We cannot help you with the choice of aroma – the selection of flavours and flavours is too large.

The best vaping technique for beginners

The most important thing at the beginning is the correct inhalation or that you get used to the electric vaporizer principle and the vapour. That’s why we recommend everyone, really everyone, to start with the watt mode in a range of 15 – 20 watts. The vapour from the liquid cannot be compared to the smoke from a cigarette. In the beginning, especially with high wattage and large vapour clouds, there may be a slightly scratchy throat and coughing. Therefore, you should feel your way through vaping step by step.

Buy spare parts and accessories for the e-cigarette in good time

It is advisable to buy replacement pods as soon as you buy a device for two reasons: Wear and tear depending on the individual vape behaviour, but sooner or later, the pod will have to be replaced. And with a selection of different replacement atomizers with different resistance, the temperature mode can also be fully exploited, and your optimal number of degrees can be found for the best vaping experience.

Vaping in public without any problems

Last but not least, a note on using e-cigarettes in public. The non-smoker protection law or, to put it another way, the smoking ban in public buildings and inns does not apply to devices that vaporize liquids. Before you start vaping directly in the town hall or your local pub, it is always advisable to ask whether the owner agrees to vape, especially in inns and bars. Because there is no general permission – in inns, the domiciliary rights still apply.

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