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France Restricts Places Where E-cigarettes Can Be Used

France Restricts Places Where E-cigarettes Can Be Used

With the decree of April 25, 2017, we know more about the places where we are authorized to vape. This decree n ° 2017-633 of April 25, 2017 relating to the conditions of application of the ban on vaping in certain places for collective use informs us of the ban on vaping in certain closed and covered places “for collective use”.

Personal work places

Among these places there are collective workstations, all establishments and structures accommodating minors, etc. Clarification: by “collective workstations”, the decree remains elusive and does not specify whether vaping is authorized in individual offices. However, if you’re working in open space, it’s dead. Can we vape with our colleagues around the coffee machine which is not a place that “receives a workstation”? According to the blog of Thierry Vallat, lawyer at the Paris Bar, the answer is no: “enclosed and covered premises, assigned to all employees (…) rest rooms and spaces.” are covered by the ban.

Mandatory signage

The decree is even stronger (and this is surprising) when it excludes workplaces whose premises are open to the public. Would you dare to vape in a social security waiting room?

Finally, note that for places where vaping is prohibited, “apparent signage” becomes mandatory to recall the “principle of prohibition”. Otherwise, a fine of €450 maximum is imposed on the person in charge of the place who has not installed signage. And a fine of 150€ maximum for the vaper who does not respect it. Many places are already equipped and many companies and administrations have already integrated the case of vaping into their regulations.

Leave the world of work.

By deduction, other places open to the public are exempt from the ban. Such as bars, restaurants, stadiums, hotels, etc. Except, if an ”apparent signaling” means the ban on vaping. This is the case, for example, in cinemas.

Another example, if it is strictly forbidden to vape on a train, vaping is authorized on station platforms which are not covered places.

This decree is interesting in many respects. First, there is a certain recognition of the legislator with regard to the electronic cigarette. We are moving forward, slowly but surely, towards an acceptance of the e-cig phenomenon. Even if it is lined with prohibitions. Realize: where it is impossible to smoke, it is now potentially possible to vape! Wonderful ? In the Philippines, vaping in a public space is punishable by 4 months in prison.

And now, what do we do?

Finally, the most interesting: what are we going to do with this freedom gained?

Let’s take a very concrete case: we are in a restaurant, we do not see any “apparent signage” telling us that vaping is prohibited. How will we decide to behave?

Case 1: we vape as usual without a second thought, motivated by the simple fact that “we have the right”.

Case 2: anxious to cause discomfort for our neighbors at the table, we ask the boss for permission to vape with the promise of a discreet and restrained vape.

Case 3: we do not change anything in our habits and do as when we were smokers; we vape outside, even if it rains.

Case 4: we refrain from any desire to vape and cross our fingers that the service is fast.

Without wanting to be unpleasant, the idea of tasting my grilled and smoking andouillette mixed with the hints of Classic Gourmand or the banana custard of my neighbor at the table who is a vaper, cuts my appetite in advance.

And you, what would you do in this situation?

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