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Finally Smoke-Free in 2022

Finally Smoke-Free in 2022

Everyone can have their own reason to vape. For some people, saving is a big goal. Others want to do something good for their health or have more time. Whatever the exact resolutions for this year, history has taught us that very few resolutions manage to be implemented throughout the year. Some resolutions have already been made several times and, in the end, never lasted long. In addition to the goal of doing more sports, quitting smoking is also at the top of the list of resolutions for many. Unfortunately, going long-term smoke-free takes far more than willpower and perseverance. As soon as the motivation boost of the new year wears off, it is best to finally be armed with the right method to make it this year. If you have already announced on New Year’s Eve that this was definitely and without a doubt the last cigarette, the first disillusionment often comes the next day, and you feel the desire for the next one. While those who want to do more exercise often stick it out for at least a few weeks, many smokers fail with their good intentions in the first few days. There are many reasons why 2022 should be the year to quit smoking. We know how hard that can be and how demotivating when you fail again in the end. This post focuses on providing a few useful tips that will make quitting smoking easier. Cold turkey isn’t the best method for long-term success for everyone. After we have listed all the good reasons why reaching for a cigarette is so problematic and have looked at why so many people end up smoking again, we will explain why the e-cigarette is such a tried and tested means to get away from the cigarette in the new year finally.

Reasons To Finally Quit Smoking In The New Year

Anyone contemplating quitting smoking has a list of reasons to do so. But when the first withdrawal symptoms hit you, you quickly lose sight of them. We have therefore compiled the twelve most important arguments here again.

save money

Quitting smoking can also be a great way to save money. As a rule, this saves at least €400 per year. Anyone who has smoked more than one pack a day will earn more than €1,000 at the end of the year. In any case, the money saved in this way can be used to fulfil a long-cherished wish, such as a vacation.

Strengthen your immune system

As a smoker, you are always plagued by colds, coughs and runny noses. There are various reasons for this. On the one hand, regular smoking causes a reduced intake of vitamins, which generally affects the immune system quickly. The mucous membranes are also attacked, making you feel cold more quickly.

Increase life expectancy

The fact that smoking reduces life expectancy is well established. On average, non-smokers have a life expectancy that is at least ten years longer. However, after just a few years without smoking, this difference slowly and steadily equalizes again.

desire to have children

The warnings on cigarette packs already indicate this factor. Since smoking reduces fertility and potency, difficulties in family planning can always be related to the fact that one or both partners are smokers. Quitting pays off here too.

Prevent cardiovascular diseases

The risk of falling victim to cardiovascular disease is many times higher in smokers. This also applies to heart attacks and strokes, for example. Smoking causes clogged vessels and circulatory disorders, which provide a good breeding ground for these diseases. But the good news here is that the risk of a heart attack decreases significantly just 24 hours after the last cigarette.

Reduce the risk of lung cancer

Smoking drastically increases the risk of lung problems and especially lung cancer; it’s no secret. Few people know that more than 90% of all lung cancer patients are smokers. However, even a few months without a cigarette improve your lung function considerably, which is why it still makes sense to give up cigarettes even after years.

Improve dental health

Smokers aren’t doing their teeth any favours, either. Smoking leads to discolouration and periodontitis, and the teeth turn yellowish or even fall out completely. If you value a bright smile, you should better stop smoking in the future.

smell and taste

When smoking, many particles are deposited on the tongue and nose and limit one’s perception. You lose a large part of your sense of smell and taste, making food tasteless. However, an improvement is already noticeable after 48 hours without a cigarette.

blood flow to the skin

A beautiful complexion also characterizes very few smokers. Because the cigarette impedes blood circulation, the formation of wrinkles is supported, and smokers suffer from a sallow complexion.

role model function

Especially when dealing with children, you can quickly attract negative attention as a smoker. You get angry looks in public, or you have to justify yourself. If you quit smoking, you no longer have to expose yourself to this public criticism.

Impractical in everyday life

Many smokers let the craving for cigarettes dictate their everyday life and life planning. You have to take breaks at work more often because you need a cigarette, which creates a bad mood in the office. In addition, faraway holiday destinations are generally cancelled because you know that you can’t easily get through the hours on the plane without a cigarette. Giving up cigarettes quickly gives you a whole new level of freedom.

Why So Many People Fail

There are more than enough reasons to quit smoking, and everyone should find at least one that is compelling. There are various reasons why so many people still fail to quit smoking. It’s more than just a decision that makes you a non-smoker. Years of cigarette smoking lead to physical dependence. A permanent stop becomes uncomfortable and physically difficult. You suffer from withdrawal symptoms, which can lead to major problems, especially in the first few days. These noticeable symptoms include, for example:

Increased craving for nicotine

  • Tingling sensation in hands and feet
  • Sweat
  • headache
  • insomnia
  • nausea and cramps
  • Sore throat
  • concentration problems
  • panic attacks
  • depression
  • weight gain

All these points do not only cause you to suffer physically from smoking withdrawal. Becoming a non-smoker also scratches the psyche. For those who have smoked for years, reaching for a cigarette has become automated and underwent a certain ritualization. This ensures that even after months without a cigarette, you can get caught a cold again because a certain activity increases the desire for a cigarette. This can be contacted with other smokers, driving a car, feeling stressed, bored, making phone calls or consuming alcohol. As a former smoker, even after months of successfully quitting smoking, such a small thing can be enough to trigger recidivism.

The Right Planning For An Emergency

One reason many smokers fail is that they can’t find a way to replace cigarettes with another habit in everyday life. Many start exercising when they first start nicotine withdrawal, while others turn to sweets to distract themselves from the craving. But usually, nothing is easy to find to keep the thought of the cigarette away for a long time. However, the chances of success in staying away from cigarettes in the long term can be significantly increased by using e-cigarettes. The e-cigarette, which has been proven to be 95% healthier than the conventional cigarette, ensures that you can continue the habits you used to smoke without accepting the health disadvantages. Vaping is cheaper and significantly healthier than conventional smoking and has long been a tried and tested means of giving up smoking once and for all.

Anyone who wants to stop smoking in 2022 has made a good resolution to protect their health, their wallet and the environment in the long term. E-cigarettes can be a great way not to fail again when trying to quit cigarettes, as they reduce the physical withdrawal symptoms and have a psychological effect. They replace the cigarette in all the everyday situations that otherwise make quitting smoking so difficult. In the vaping community, you also quickly meet fellow campaigners and fellow sufferers who also want to quit smoking in this way, and you are constantly motivated to stay on the ball.

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