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European Parliament’s Latest Step on the Vaping Report

It’s been a while since we’ve covered vaping news. We catch up today with a subject that will interest all players in the vaping world: the latest report from the European Parliament. And this one speaks. If it is, at first sight, very positive, we quickly realize, by immersing ourselves in the details, that the fight is not about to end.

The latest report from the European Parliament is a significant step forward for vaping.

Indeed, in its latest report on health, the European Parliament emphasizes that smoking remains the leading preventable cause of cancer in the EU and intends to study solutions to reduce it.

Parliamentarians, almost all convinced of the usefulness of the vape, will they push for a soulless vape?

What interests us, therefore, is that in this report, adopted by 652 votes to 15, the European Parliament recognizes the vape as an effective tool for smoking cessation. It is also written that electronic cigarettes can allow smokers to stop smoking gradually. Good news, you will tell us.

Be careful; the vape as we know it is threatened!

But beware, behind these sentences, which could lead us to believe that the European Parliament is going in the direction of the vape, a completely different reality seems to be taking shape. And the finding is clear if we look at the report’s content: the electronic cigarette should not be made attractive to minors and non-smokers. And to do this, the European Parliament wants to tackle two areas: flavors and marketing. That makes the vape OEM service more complicate for the vape industry.

The Parliament, through the various health organizations and the TPD, wants to learn about the flavors most liked by minors and non-smokers to reduce their attractiveness or even ban some of the long-term. The war on aromas is therefore still relevant and is not ready to stop.

As for marketing, the European Parliament wants to make vaping less attractive to minors and non-smokers.

Will the creators of e-liquid, the merchants as well as the manufacturers of equipment be brought to sanitize their ranges? Let us not forget that Parliament wants, above all, to protect minors and non-smokers, and we cannot blame it for that. It is especially feared that the vape is less attractive and that the reduction in the choice of e liquids, for example, harms the diversity and reduces the options which make it possible to adapt to all the profiles of vapers.

We can therefore be delighted with the overall progress in considering the vape. Still, we must not forget to monitor in which direction the European Parliament wishes to take the electronic cigarette.

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