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Environmental Pollution From Smoking – Vaping for The Environment

Environmental Pollution From Smoking – Vaping for The Environment

E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular in the USA, turning many former smokers into so-called vapers. The devices of the 21st century look cool and contain significantly fewer pollutants than the fags of the past.

An E-cigarette is a healthy alternative to smoking

What to do when craving smoke, mist, vapor, or whatever you want to call it but don’t want the dangerous toxins from the combustion process? People reach for e-cigarettes, which, in addition to the lower health risk, also significantly relieves the environmental burden.

Cigarettes pollute the environment

The environmental impact of cigarettes starts with the manufacturing process. Toxic chemicals are used in the cultivation of tobacco plants. Unfortunately, many smokers carelessly dispose of the fags, which are useless after a single use, and dispose of them on the spot, on the street, in the bushes, or on playgrounds… The butts are extremely harmful to the environment, as around 4,000 different highly toxic substances are contained in them and belong in the hazardous waste. These facts seem unknown to some smokers, given that approximately 4,500,000,000,000 butts are flicked into the environment yearly. In addition to polluting the groundwater, this also hurts the natural growth of plants. Once discarded, it can take up to several years for the remains of a cigarette to fully dissipate. The plastic cellulose acetate contained in the filters decomposes extremely slowly. It is not uncommon for dead animals to be found to be old, discarded cigarette butts as the cause of death. In addition to the actual consumption of the disposable product, a blockage in the respiratory tract can also lead to death. This danger does not stop at sea creatures either: one cigarette butt per liter of water can kill the fish living in it. You are not safe even when having fun on the playground; a fag swallowed by a toddler can lead to poisoning symptoms.

E-cigarettes protect the environment sustainably

The e-cigarette, as an alternative to smoking, is not a simple disposable product that becomes completely useless after a single use. Today’s devices are at a technological standard that, above a certain price range, could be described as a product for eternity. Have you ever seen a battery mod or an old, discarded coil lying on the sidewalk or in a rest area? The average vaper is environmentally conscious about his hobby and disposes of old batteries from the mods properly at designated collection points. Most modern smokers, who concede themselves to the electric faction, use directly rechargeable batteries, of which a single one already easily survives several hundred charging cycles. E-cigarettes are rechargeable, refillable, and therefore reusable and do not produce waste immediately with every use. Liquids and flavors are delivered environmentally friendly and conscientiously in recyclable PET bottles.

Fine for discarded cigarette

For every cigarette that a smoker flicks away for lack of an ashtray, there are different penalties in different countries. In Germany, for example, a cigarette butt thrown away normally on a sidewalk is punishable by €20 to €35, depending on the state. If someone is thrown out of a moving car, criminal proceedings can be initiated if someone is injured, for example, a motorcyclist with an open helmet.

Are cigarettes that dangerous?

Smoking requires fire, either in the form of matches or a lighter. If you fall asleep with a burning cigarette butt, the whole house can burn down in addition to an annoying burn hole, or garbage can fire can be ignited when you throw it away. An e-cigarette, on the other hand, does not burn any holes when left lying down and does not pose any danger when falling asleep on it, except for older models where the liquid leaks out when lying at the wrong angle. But you can easily wipe this away when you wake up.

All in all, this is a clear victory for the e-cigarette; in addition to fewer risks, modern smoking devices also pollute the environment significantly less than their predecessors, which stank smoke and pose significantly fewer risks when consuming them.

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