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E-cigarettes: The Pros and Cons You Should Consider

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Many media have attacked the use of vaping. However, we hear positive reports about the health benefits of vaping from time to time. But by and large, these products are rife with media hype about exaggerated risks and dangerous assumptions. Finding facts about e-cigarette use is no easy task.

If you’re considering switching to e-cigarettes, you may be confused. That’s why we weigh the pros and cons of vaping to help you decide if vaping is right for you.

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5 advantages of using e-cigarettes

1. Safer than smoking

The Royal College of Physicians, the UK Department of Public Health (PHE), and the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine agree that e-cigarette use is safer than smoking. The PHE states that e-cigarette use is “at least 95% less harmful than smoking.” There is no combustion and no smoke when using e-cigarettes. Smoke is responsible for tar and carbon monoxide. This can lead to significant long-term health damage from the smoking. Health benefits of a smoke-free lifestyle include better lung and heart function and better perception of smell and taste.

2. No Harmful Odor

One of the benefits of using e-cigarettes is you and your clothes. Your home and car will no longer smell like smoke. The use of electronic cigarettes has a peculiar smell. But the smell is very different from the foul smell and the smell of cigarette butts. Even tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes don’t smell like burnt tobacco. For many people, the smell of e-cigarette vapor is not very noticeable. You might even get compliments!

3. Control your nicotine consumption

Using e-cigarettes gives you complete control over your nicotine consumption. There are many different types of e-cigarette liquids. From no nicotine to high nicotine, You can choose the exact amount of nicotine in your e-cigarette or not at all. Most e-cigarette users start with high nicotine levels and then gradually reduce the intensity or even stop using nicotine altogether.

4. Instant gratification

While advanced e-cigarettes may need some tweaking, this fills the gap. But many more straightforward products are prefilled and ready to use. In any way, when the e-cigarette is prepared, taking nicotine is as simple as pressing a button or inhaling through the device. (Some may have automated systems.) While all vaping devices require a rechargeable battery and vaping liquid to keep working. But the average e-cigarette will work around the clock without any maintenance or adjustment.

5. Accessibility and Market Availability

Today, you can find good vaping products in vaping stores. Convenience stores, gas stations, and even cigarette shops. There is also an online vaping store that will ship vaping products. You can even get to your front door.

3 Disadvantages of Using Electronic Cigarettes

1. E-cigarette users face the stigma of smoking

Tobacco control has been the focus for nearly 60 years. “Normalizing smoking” is a fancy word to stigmatize smokers and smokers. The war on drugs that dehumanized smokers is now turning to e-cigarette users. This is because non-smokers and non-vapers tend to view vaping as smoking. Smokers who switch to safer products often face the same stigma for their ignorance, which is often discouraging. Fear and rejection of different ideas.

2. Too many choices

So many vape manufacturers are offering vape OEM service today. For new vapers or smokers considering switching to alternatives, the endless options on offer in the e-cigarette market can confuse you. But when it comes to e-cigarettes, there are millions of possible options. That’s why it’s worth pointing out to anyone interested in vaping to consider a product that’s easy to use with simple getting started instructions. Then look for more good resources (vape shops, forums, experienced vapers) so newbies can learn the problem better.

3. Strict laws and regulations

This is primarily the result of the “popularity” of e-cigarette use promoted by anti-vaping groups. But we still think that you should only consider vape products that are compliant with TPD as any otherwise choice would break the laws within the EU.

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