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E-cigarette With Nicotine Dangerous or Panic?

E-cigarette With Nicotine Dangerous or Panic?

Nicotine has always been a highly controversial ingredient in cigarettes, sometimes dubbed a deadly neurotoxin or dangerous drug. What has to be considered when vaping, and is it possible to avoid the supposedly harmful nicotine somehow and still enjoy the incomparable pleasure of vaping e-cigarettes?

Is nicotine addiction also a danger for e-cigarettes?

The black sheep of the e-cigarette industry is the optional additive in a liquid, nicotine. The huge advantage of e-cigarettes is completely ignored; nicotine can be added to the liquid if required, and there are numerous liquids without nicotine on the entire market. This means newcomers are not even forced to consume nicotine compared to conventional cigarettes.

What is the effect of nicotine?

Every smoker knows the effects of nicotine withdrawal, but looking at it the other way around, what is the point of nicotine? If you crave nicotine, you like to use a smoke or vape device to feel comfortable and satisfied again after a few pleasurable puffs. What happens in the body?

When inhaling a liquid containing nicotine, the body and psyche are affected. By releasing adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin in our brains, vaping with nicotine makes you feel extra good until the dopamine levels drop again and the nicotine cravings return.

What type of vaper am I? Find out the right nicotine dose.

First, when consuming e-cigarettes, you must distinguish between two different application types: DTL vapers and MTL vapers. A DTL vaper draws the inhaled vapor directly into the lungs. The more direct vapor absorption also requires a low concentration of nicotine. The situation is different with the MTL vapers in that the smoke is first inhaled into the mouth and then drawn into the lungs. Due to the delayed absorption, a higher nicotine dosage is required in the liquid for back-end vapers.

Nicotine overdose: cigarette vs. e-cigarette

You can hardly get an overdose of nicotine with classic cigarettes, but what about modern e-cigarettes? Many vapers can be seen for a long time, much longer than a normal cigarette. But even then, it is difficult to overdose on nicotine. When vaping, the inhaled substance is not burned but only vaporized. That means you breathe in a much smaller amount of nicotine. Before an actual overdose occurs, one may experience headaches, nausea, dizziness, or diarrhea. However, before a serious overdose occurs with a commercially available nicotine liquid, you stop on your own, as various feelings of discomfort slowly make the level of the nicotine dose clear to you. So the all-clear for ready-mixed liquids from reputable specialist shops for e-cigarettes. It is similar to snacking on sweets as a child; you can vape a liquid until you get sick. Anyone who has drunk too much coffee, cola, or energy drinks knows that consumer goods labeled as much more harmless in society can get to you. A particularly conscientious approach to dealing with the neurotoxin nicotine must be guaranteed when it comes to the art of producing your liquids.

Mix liquids yourself: nicotine kills with miscalculations?

When mixing the liquid, every vaper decides which ingredients are dosed in which concentration. In addition to the certainty of never vaping an aroma pure, care must be taken to ensure that the dosage is not miscalculated, especially with the neurotoxin nicotine. In the worst but extremely rare case, this can lead to death in the event of a very gross calculation error. Common sense should always tell you when mixing that nicotine should only be added drop by drop to your liquid due to the small amount in milligrams and that you should not drink a glass full of it. A remedy can be provided by a nicotine base, which relieves you of mixing this substance; when using it, only the aroma has to be dosed correctly. Bad nicotine consequences can, therefore, only arise in the event of gross negligence.

A sense of achievement: consistently follow through with quitting nicotine

Many smokers have wanted to quit for years but can’t get away from it; while some swear by nicotine patches, nicotine sprays, or nicotine tablets, they don’t help others. Nowadays, some pharmacies recommend the e-cigarette; with the future technology, the nicotine content can be easily reduced in small steps to get by without it. Liquids in numerous nicotine-level variants make it problem-free and almost infinitely possible. Once you have made the jump, you can vape your favorite liquids as a zero-nicotine variant with full flavor.

Responsible use of nicotine

As a sensible and prudent vaper, you always keep your e-cigarette out of the reach of children and pets so that you don’t accidentally drink a liquid bottle with nicotine. Ultimately, it is also up to each vaper to decide whether they want their liquid to contain nicotine; thanks to the possibilities and variety that the e-cigarette industry offers today, this is not a problem.

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