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Does my dentist know I vape?

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A dentist can usually tell what diet you’re on by looking inside your mouth. So he can probably see that you’re vaping too. Smoking is known to cause problems in the mouth, so it’s normal for people to associate that with vaping. The purpose of this blog is to show you how vaping affects your teeth and gums and why it is still the best alternative to smoking.

Is vaping bad for your teeth?

Your dentist has probably told you that vaping is bad for your teeth. However, studies do not yet provide clarity on this. Smoking causes a number of problems such as discolored teeth, bad breath, gum problems and oral cancer. There are studies that link smoking and gum problems and see nicotine as the reason. However, there are other chemicals that cause these problems as well. So the reason is not clear yet, if nicotine is to blame. Also, there are enough studies that state that vaping has the same effect, but e-liquid doesn’t contain the same toxins that cigarettes do.

If you vape regularly you will know that vaping dries out your mouth and leaves you more dehydrated than normal. Dry mouth is linked to gum problems because your saliva cleans your mouth.

Studies done on vaping, such as “Recent updates on the effects of e-cigarette aerosol and inhaled nicotine on periodontal and lung tissue,” published back in 2017, indicate that vaping causes gum damage. However, this study is a limited form of evidence as it provides no evidence that it will have the same effect on cells in the human body.

The study “Crosstalk between oral and general health in e-smokers” examined the oral health of actual vapers and provided more positive data. This study concluded that switching from smoking to vaping resulted in better oral health.

Does vaping stain your teeth?

Your teeth basically become discolored by many things – because teeth also have pores that absorb substances from food and drink as well as from smoke. So when you smoke butts, your teeth absorb the harmful chemicals and darken. In e-liquids, such substances that attack your teeth are almost non-existent and therefore contribute to the preservation of your beautiful smile compared to smoking.

How can I prevent damage to teeth and gums?

Unfortunately, there are no studies that say vaping is good for your teeth yet. But as any dentist would say about fizzy drinks, it’s all about taking care of your teeth and making sure you brush and floss your teeth regularly to limit the damage.

Drink regularly because vaping dries you out more than normal. Plus, a stronger e-liquid means you have to vape less.

It’s also important to avoid e-liquids that contain sugar. Sugar in e-liquid causes the same harm as sugary drinks or food. Sugary e-liquid also causes the coil to stick.

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