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Does Corona Weaken E-cigarettes?

Does Corona Weaken E-cigarettes

The corona pandemic is still raging in many parts of the world. In the USA – the hardest hit country – lobbyists use social and political turbulence for further attacks against the e-cigarette.

Democrats against steamers

From the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington D.C., Raja Krishnamoorthi, Democrat & Representative of the State of Illinois, has been campaigning against e-cigarettes for a long time. Krishnamoorthi was already involved in the state investigation into Juul. He repeatedly made questionable or simply false statements about the dangers of vaping, and now he does not shy away from abusing people’s fear of corona infection.

Like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Krishnamoorthi falsely claims that vaping increases the risk of contracting the coronavirus. Going even further than de Blasio, he portrays vaping as a critical threat to U.S. healthcare capacity and vulnerable groups. And to protect them, he calls for an immediate ban on e-cigarette sales. He also addressed this demand directly to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which would ultimately have to implement this measure.

Are The Selling Ban Reasonable?

Krishnamoorthi bases his argument on a study by the NIH that tested the effects of the main components of liquids (P.G., V.G. & nicotine) on the lungs of mice. However, the study’s results do not clearly state how vaping could make people more susceptible to infectious diseases – it is only spoken of as “increased susceptibility.” Nevertheless, Krishnamoorthi presents the results as absolutely correct and exaggerates them.

But he doesn’t say a word about our tobacco cigarettes. These are proven to be significantly more harmful than e-cigarettes. So why doesn’t Krishnamoorthi advocate a ban on selling all types of cigarettes, electronic or tobacco, but focus exclusively on e-cigarettes?

What would be the impact of stopping sales?

The “pause” in sales of e-cigarettes as demanded by Krishnamoorthi would have a devastating effect on the American market. Should the FDA be so foolish as to comply with the demands, the smaller vape manufacturers and retailers, in particular, would probably go bankrupt due to the sales slump. This would play into the hands of the big tobacco companies – because many desperate vapers would undoubtedly reach for the fags again. The competition will also be out of the way for Big Tobacco if the sales stop is lifted again.

A sales freeze in the U.S. would have a significant negative impact on the domestic market. And seriously, this will force people quitting smoking through e-cigarettes to return to cigarettes, thereby tragically increasing smoking rates that have fallen because of e-cigarettes, which is bad.

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