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Counterfeit Liquids & The Fight Against The Media

Counterfeit Liquids & The Fight Against The Media

The negative headlines about e-cigarettes have been piling up more and more lately. These often report that the news portals have not sufficiently researched. This article will teach you how to deal with these false reports.

First of all, there is an essential warning about adulterated liquids:

Counterfeit Liquids Continue To Spread In Germany

At the end of November last year, a Germany news reported on adulterated liquids that appeared in Bremerhaven after young people between the ages of 14 and 18 were hospitalized there. They complained of symptoms such as cramps, nausea, impaired consciousness, and more. The cause of this was quickly identified as adulterated THC liquids.

Now the State Criminal Police Offices of North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg, as well as the Saarland police, are also warning of adulterated liquids in the respective regions. In addition to numerous dangerous additives such as toxic substances or even knockout drops, these liquids are also said to contain artificially produced THC. The liquids are also sold on the black market under “E-Joints.”

How Dangerous Are Counterfeit E-Joints?

Extreme! In contrast to over-the-counter liquids, adulterated liquids are not manufactured under any TPD regulation. Also, as a consumer, you never find out which additives are contained in the liquids. In addition to the dangerous artificial THC, which can sometimes cause severe health damage to the human body, the danger of the other substances contained should not be neglected. And it’s unlikely that a street dealer cares about your health or educates you about the dangers of additives like vitamin E acetate, which is responsible for deaths in the United States, for example.

How Can I Protect Myself Against Counterfeit Liquids?

It’s pretty straightforward – don’t buy your liquids from tickers on the street or dubious online shops, but only from reputable vape manufactuer who have positive reviews and search for them on Googl, if necessary. According to the NRW police, some bottles say adulterated Liquid even says “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION,” i.e., “not suitable for human consumption.” When you see this imprint on a bottle, it’s pretty clear.

And another little tip: THC liquid is NOT available for sale in many countries. So if someone offers you such a liquid, it is guaranteed to be degraded and not from a tested and safe production. On the other hand, what does exist is liquid with the non-psychoactive ingredient CBD, which, depending on the dosage and person, can have numerous positive effects on the human body.

Complaint against the public law

Moving on to a slightly more gratifying subject, this fight shouldn’t be taken lightly. Remember our post on bad studies and dubious reporting on e-cigarettes? Public service media reported on a flawed study, the results of which they sold at face value. Now the VdeH (Association of the e-cigarette trade) – to which we from DampftBeiDir also belong – is fighting back against these reports and has filed a formal complaint with the public-law institutions.

Who or what is the VDEH?

The VdeH is the branch association of the e-cigarette industry founded at the end of 2011, consisting of small and medium-sized companies. These companies trade in e-cigarettes, liquids, and accessories and pursue several goals, such as educating the public about e-cigarettes or ensuring fair competition.

What is the complaint about?

The reason for the VdeH’s complaint was the reporting by the tagesschau on the study by Stanton Glantz from the USA, which was also disseminated by other public institutions such as the SWR or on social media.

The VdeH denounces that the tagesschau misrepresents the statements of the study and neither examines serious (scientific) deficiencies in the study nor mentions them to the readers.

Michal Dobrajc, chairman of the VdeH, even describes this approach as a “moral declaration of bankruptcy by public broadcasting.”

The formal complaint sent by the VdeH “is addressed to the committee chairmen’s conference of the ARD, as well as the broadcasting council of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, the broadcasting council of Bavarian broadcasting, the broadcasting council of Sudwestrundfunk, the broadcasting council of North German broadcasting, the radio and administrative board of Deutschlandradio and the directorship of Deutsche Welle.”

The VDEH wishes for a critical examination

However, the association’s complaint is not about silencing everyone who speaks negatively about e-cigarettes. Instead, one would like a critical examination of the topic and a precise analysis of the advantages and disadvantages.

And that also includes examining studies for their scientific facts instead of simply adopting the personal opinion of the study author without checking it. This poses an enormous risk as it deters people who want to quit smoking, for example, from this alternative, which has been proven to be less harmful.

– and how will ARD and Co react to the VdeH’s complaint? You will find out directly from us as soon as there is news on the subject.

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