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Coughing When Vaping – How to Get the Urge to Cough Under Control

Coughing When Vaping

Many smokers who use an e-cigarette for the first time in their life go straight into a serious coughing fit. In many cases, this then ensures that a direct aversion to the technology arises and the smoker quickly rejects the planned switch. Instead of giving vaping a chance, smokers give up. Unfortunately, these are not even isolated cases, but many first vaping attempts end with coughing and struggling to breathe. Studies show that coughing is one of the most common side effects of e-cigarettes and vaping for beginners. There is a very good reason why we are emphasizing the beginners here. Hardly any vaper has to struggle with a cough for a long time. On average, vapers have significantly fewer problems with annoying coughing or irritated throats than smokers. Nevertheless, in this article, we want to take a closer look at the topic of coughing while vaping and, above all, share our best tips on how to get rid of the cough quickly.

Why Do You Have To Cough?

Cough is not a persistent effect. It is a behaviour triggered by coughing, in which air is expelled reflexively. A cough is not a disease but always a symptom of something else. The cause is usually that the airways should be cleaned by the body through this reflex, for example, by expelling foreign bodies. When it comes to vape, the first thing to note is that the overwhelming majority of vapers have no long-term problems with coughing, and it was only in the early stages, if at all. But why cough when you’re inhaling steam and otherwise perfectly healthy? The first guess here might be on the ingredients in the e-liquid. For example, most vaping liquids contain propylene glycol, to which some people are very sensitive. Many do not rule out a possible reaction to impurities or by-products when vaping. Both are possible answers to the origin of the urge to cough. Studies have not yet found a clear answer here. This is mainly because many people react differently. For some, the vapour may be unfamiliar and cause coughing, while others may not tolerate the added taste. What most of them have in common, however, is that they quickly get used to vaping, and their coughing subsides noticeably.

narcotics in cigarettes

Another reason smokers are initially sensitive to e-cigarettes could be the lack of anaesthetic substances. Experts suspect that some substances in tobacco have a numbing effect on the oral cavity, which means that smokers do not have to cough, at least for the time they are smoking. This would primarily explain the difference between inhaling tobacco smoke and, for example, the smoke of a fire. While the latter brings a cough that can hardly be suppressed, cigarette smoke can be inhaled without any problems. The numbing substance has yet to be identified because smoking a cigarette releases almost 10,000 ingredients, many of which have completely different effects on the body. A single one or a group of them could make the cigarette less irritating to the throat. Vaping is much healthier for the very reason that no tobacco is burned here. The countless by-products remain. This also includes the factor that has a calming effect on the throat area, which is why even long-time smokers often have to cough when vaping.

The method also influences the cough stimulus

When a smoker takes his first puff from the e-cigarette, he usually proceeds like he is used to smoking. He takes a hit straight to the lungs, inhaling the entire vapour. In contrast, not every vape vapes this way. Many draw the vapour into their mouth and hold it there for a moment before fully inhaling it. Vaping often shows that the method used when smoking cannot be implemented one-to-one, and the smoker has to do something different instead to avoid coughing fits. Many more experienced vapers say that the method of vaping has a big impact on whether or not they struggle with a cough. For many, using a different vaping technique helps to get the problem under control. But here, too, there does not seem to be one method that leads to enjoyable e-cigarette consumption without coughing for every vaper. Instead, everyone has to find the technique that works best for them. Often the device and the liquid used must also be taken into account here, and if this is varied, a slight adjustment of the vapour method may also be necessary.

Climbing hairs as the cause of the cough

Another realistic cause of smokers’ coughing problems when trying their first vape could be cilia. Ciliary hairs or ciliated epithelium are special airway cells that help clean the airways. Smoking destroys the airways’ tiny, hair-like cells because they are very delicate. If you stop smoking, they will grow back over time. This regrowth can come with a side effect of coughing for many. It is therefore conceivable that many beginners do not cough at all from vaping at first but still suffer from the side effects of smoking. This assumption is so obvious that ex-smokers usually suffer from coughs much longer when they start vaping than is the case with others.

Tips Against The Cough

1: Screw on the liquid

If the cough lasts longer and is still present after the first few attempts at vaping, it makes sense to try out the liquid and adjust the mixing ratio. If a mixture with a higher proportion of vegetable glycerine is chosen, many experiences a reduction in the urge to cough. However, mixtures without propylene glycol should be avoided because they can damage and clog the evaporator head.

2: Alternate methods

As we have already pointed out, every vaper must find their method that makes vaping most comfortable. For some, this means inhaling the vapour directly into their lungs, while others initially keep the vapour in their mouths. Here you have to test for yourself what has the best and most positive effect on the cough.

3: Find out the optimal nicotine strength

The nicotine content of the vapour affects the strength of the throat hit upon inhalation. Accordingly, a downward adjustment in salary can positively influence the problem with the cough. For many, it is enough to reduce the nicotine strength for a certain period and then slowly increase it if necessary. At this point, it should again be pointed out that a higher nicotine content does not mean exposure to the same damage as smoking. Even vaping with a lot of nicotine remains significantly healthier than smoking and should always be preferred to reaching for a cigarette again.

Don’t Give Up Vaping Right Away

Coughing while vaping can have a variety of causes, but they can usually be managed quickly. It is important for all smokers not to be immediately deterred by a brief unpleasant experience. Because it remains verifiable that the e-cigarette has several advantages over the conventional tobacco cigarette. Not only is it much better for your health, but the long-term switch to vaping also benefits your breathing and sense of taste, and you feel healthier and better.

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