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Common Vaping Problems and How to Avoid Them

Common Vaping Problems and How to Avoid Them

Problems with the e-cigarette? No steamer is alone in this. Again and again, we receive questions from vapers describing typical problems. To help everyone, we have compiled the most common problems vapers have in this article and added the appropriate solution directly. Some tips may seem familiar to experienced vapers, but this article should also have a few new tips up its sleeve for old hands.

Burnt taste when vaping

Sooner or later, every vaper will experience an unpleasant burnt taste when vaping. As a rule, the coil then often burned out. The following solutions are possible in this case:

1: Vaped too early

After filling the tank, you should not immediately start vaping again, as the liquid has not yet been able to absorb fully. If you don’t wait at least five minutes after changing the liquid, it most likely hasn’t reached the wick and the coil. If the e-cigarette is heated early, this creates a dry burn. The dry wick will burn and make for an awful taste. To reduce the waiting time before the steam starts, the wick and coil can also be sprinkled with liquid. Temperature control also helps in the fight against dry burns.

2: The coil needs to be changed

Coils don’t last forever. Depending on how often the e-cigarette is used, a coil will last for a longer or shorter time. As a rule, however, it has to be changed every few weeks. If the coil is not changed regularly, this will quickly affect the taste negatively. A burnt taste when vaping is, therefore, a good indication that it is time to change the coil. A little tip: the longer you press the button, the more likely it is that the coil will burn out. If you take a break between puffs, you protect the inner workings of your e-cigarette.

3: Not enough e-liquid in the tank

If the tank is almost empty, getting enough e-liquid on the coil isn’t easy. Burning through is practically inevitable here. For this reason, it should always be ensured that the tank is filled to a certain level. This minimum filling level can usually be seen on the tank. The liquid must at least reach the openings so that the coil does not dry out.

More tips to prevent the coil from burning out can be found here.

The battery is not working

If the battery does not start, this can have the following reasons:

1: The battery is not switched on

If a manual battery is used, it must be turned on before it will work. If you have problems with your battery, you should check whether it is switched on. A small light should indicate whether the battery is on or off.

2: transmission error

Another mistake is that, in many cases, there is simply no connection between the battery and the e-cigarette. In this case, it is sufficient to check the battery terminal and, if necessary, remove dust and dirt. A cotton swab can be used for easy cleaning. Moisture should be avoided.

If the e-cigarette still doesn’t work, there could also be a battery malfunction. In that case, it must be replaced.

Insufficient throat hit

The throat hit is very controversial among vapers. Some hate the scratchy throat feeling while vaping, while others can’t get enough of it. If the throat hit is not sufficient, it could be due to the following reasons:

1: The wrong e-liquid

The composition of the e-liquid determines throat hit and vapor production. The exact ratio of these two properties depends on the ratio between propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). This is usually stated on the e-liquid package, which says 50/50 or 60VG/40PG, for example. PG causes a stronger throat hit, while VG mainly creates big clouds. If your throat hit seems too weak, you can switch to an e-liquid with more PG.

2: The wrong device

Some e-cigarettes produce a stronger throat hit than others. Especially e-cigarettes of newer generations are much more convincing here than the stick mods, which were very popular years ago. A box mod with adjustable wattage makes it possible to generate a maximum throat hit.

3: Leaked tank

If e-liquid leaks inside the e-cigarette and gets inside the vaporizer this way, it can cause many problems. This can also include a weak throat hit. To fix this problem, the flooded part of the e-cigarette should be cleaned. It is best to hold it under hot water after removing the battery and then let it dry for at least 24 hours. Storing it in rice can also help get moisture out of the inside.

Not enough vapor

For many vapers, heavy vapor production is the best part of vaping. If not enough vapor comes out of the e-cigarette, this can have the following reasons.

1: Incorrect ratio in the e-liquid

Again, the wrong e-liquid can be the problem. Switching to an e-liquid with a higher percentage of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) could produce more vapor when vaping.

2: Too weak device

The stronger the battery, the higher the vapor production. It may make sense to switch to a device with higher performance or replace the battery.

The pod is leaking

The e-cigarette leaks again and again and wastes a lot of liquid in this way. These tips will help solve the problem:

1: The tank is not seated properly

The best way to correctly install the tank in the e-cigarette is to twist it halfway counter-clockwise until you hear a clicking sound. Now you can screw it in clockwise until it is tight. In this way, an incorrectly placed tank can be avoided.

2: The tank is inferior

If the tank keeps leaking, even though you have attached it correctly, it can also be due to the product itself. It is possible that the tank is not of sufficient quality and is therefore leaking.

We have also compiled tips here to help prevent e-cigarettes from leaking.

No taste when vape

Sometimes vapers complain that they can’t taste their e-liquid. We also have a few tips for this problem:

1: Blow gently

A tip often passed on among vapers to release the taste from the liquid is gently blowing back into the device from time to time while vaping. But be careful: you need a sure instinct here. Otherwise, the tank could leak. A slight recoil helps, however, that the taste can develop better.

2: Vapers tongue

If the first tip doesn’t work and you can’t taste anything, you may suffer from the notorious vapers tongue. Changing the e-liquid often helps to change that. Other possible solutions can be found here.

Not enough nicotine in vapor

There can be various reasons if there is not enough nicotine in the vapor.

1: The nicotine level in the e-liquid is too low

The absorption of nicotine from e-cigarettes is slower than from conventional cigarettes. Not only does this make you less addicted, but it also requires a higher nicotine level in the liquid to achieve the same effect. Especially when switching, some vapers have to choose a relatively high nicotine content to avoid withdrawal symptoms and feel the same nicotine hit. However, we can give the all-clear in the long term to all those who are concerned. Even if many newcomers choose a high nicotine value at the beginning, most adjust this downwards over time until only a small amount of nicotine is consumed.

2: The device is too weak

The device used makes a significant difference in nicotine intake. While with one e-cigarette, you may still feel that you are using a very weak e-liquid, with another model, the opposite can be the case, so the nicotine content has to be adjusted downwards. If the vaporizer’s performance is too weak, there will be hardly any nicotine in the vapor at the end. Anyone with problems with this topic should try a different device if necessary.

3: Usage is incorrect

Newcomers, in particular, encounter the numerous problems already mentioned when vaping for the first time. This can be mainly because there is still a lack of correct application. Newcomers may focus too much on smoking and take short puffs from the e-cigarette directly into their lungs. However, most vapers prefer the mouth-to-lung method, where the vapor is held in the mouth for a moment before being released into the lungs. Slow and deep hits work best for higher nicotine intake. Research has long shown that nicotine absorption occurs primarily in the pharynx and not in the lungs. Slow draws could, therefore, quickly solve this problem for many vapers.

4: The battery needs to be charged

If you feel a more momentary drop in nicotine in the vapor, it’s probably due to the battery. Maybe this one is running out of juice. Switching to a charged battery might fix the problem. If you use variable power settings, these can also be increased to get a stronger hit in case of doubt. It’s also worth taking a look at the coil. For coils with low resistance, more power is needed. In this case, a different battery may be required, or the coil may need to be replaced.

The e-cigarette makes gurgling noises

The tank has most likely leaked if you keep hearing a gurgling sound while vaping. This can have many causes:

  • It was blown too hard into the e-cigarette
  • Too much e-liquid was poured in
  • The e-cigarette was shaken too hard
  • The tank was screwed in too tightly or not tight enough
  • The tank was not screwed in correctly
  • You inhaled too much

Whatever caused the overflow, the tank should now be cleaned. To do this, you should completely remove the tank and rinse it under hot water. After about 24 hours of drying, the tank can be used again.

The throat feels dry and sore

In addition to providing a throat hit, the propylene glycol in e-liquid can also cause a dry or sore throat. Drinking enough fluids helps many vapers to counteract this mild dehydration. However, if there is no relief even after a long time, you should switch to an e-liquid with a higher percentage of vegetable glycerine (VG).

The charging cable will not charge.

If the charging cable does not charge the e-cigarette, it can be due to one of the following reasons:

1: The contacts are dirty

The charging cable cannot charge the e-cigarette battery if proper contact is not made. To ensure this, the contacts of the charging cable and the e-cigarette should be free of contamination. A dry cotton swab or cotton pad can wipe off dust and the like.

2: You are using the wrong charger

In our experience, many problems are caused by vapers using the wrong charging cable. In particular, iPhone or other smartphone chargers are not suitable for charging mods or batteries. If problems are found when charging, you should switch to vape-compatible chargers.

Another important note: Only the supplied charger should be used to charge the e-cigarette.

Did we forget a typical problem? In this case, we can be reached via our contact options and are happy to help.

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