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Checklist: On Holiday With E-cigarette

Checklist: On Holiday With E-cigarette

Vaping is very popular in some USA because of fewer inhaled pollutants and the associated significantly lower risk compared to smoking cigarettes. A few things to consider when traveling abroad with an e-cigarette are accepted by society. We have gathered all the information you need to create the ultimate checklist for traveling with an e-cigarette.

E-cigarette – vaporizer: differences in the legal situation?

First, a fundamental distinction must be made between e-cigarettes and vaporizers since both devices serve different purposes. Liquids, so-called e-juices, are vaporized in e-cigarettes, usually provided with nicotine; they offer many conventional cigarette smokers a less polluting alternative. Vaporizers, on the other hand, vaporize herbs and oils; they are often used for various aromatherapy and the consumption of cannabis. Different legal provisions apply to an e-cigarette in your luggage and a vaporizer on the go.

With the e-cigarette in your luggage through the security check at the airport

As is known in the relevant field, e-cigarettes are legal in the USA, but what about abroad, especially on the way there? If you’re lucky, you should never take an e-cigarette in your hand luggage or suitcase on your next flight. According to current legal decisions, an e-cigarette may only be transported in hand luggage. Ultimately, this ensures that a fire caused by chemical reactions in the lithium-ion battery installed in the e-cigarette can be detected and extinguished more quickly. That’s why charging these batteries is now banned worldwide in airplanes. This might not be noticed quickly in the luggage and, in the worst case, lead to a plane crash. Unfortunately, using e-cigarettes on planes is completely prohibited, as is smoking regular cigarettes. The only airline that allows you to use your liquid is Ryan Air, but you are not allowed to vape your e-cigarette here. You can buy smoke-free e-cigarettes from the airline on board, which from our point of view, are not recommended in terms of taste; too bad!

Vaping on an airplane

Anyone who now has crooked thoughts should be told right away that steaming in the airplane toilet is also not a sensible way out. While the idea seems ingenious, the vapor from an e-cigarette would set off the smoke detectors on the plane. Even if an e-cigarette does not trigger every conventional smoke detector, those in airplanes are particularly sensitive due to the highest safety requirements, which make vaping on board impossible. Reports from the media confirm that vaping on airplanes should be avoided. Recently, a plane in the USA had to make an emergency landing because a nicotine-hungry passenger secretly wanted to take a few puffs in the airplane toilet. This caused a fire alarm, forcing the pilot to make an immediate emergency landing. Said steaming passenger faces high fines and a flight ban.

Therefore, in your interest for other luggage, such as clothing and cosmetics, your e-cigarette should be stowed away leak-proof so that you can vape properly and legally again as soon as possible after landing.

Checklist for the e-cigarette on the plane:

  • Vaping prohibited on the plane
  • Clarify boarding with the airline
  • Stow in hand luggage
  • Pack e-cigarettes leak-proof
  • Take 1l liquid with you, each max. 100ml, individually packed in plastic bags
  • Battery charging is prohibited on the plane.
  • Observe the legal regulations of the country you are visiting regarding e-cigarettes

Arrived abroad – where can you vape?

Each country has completely different laws, and in some states, you are not even allowed to vape in public. We have summarized the provisions of ten popular German holiday destinations and checked them for the toleration of e-cigarettes. Unfortunately, even the best e-cigarette on the go does not protect you from prohibitions and laws.

E-cigarettes in Spain: E-cigarettes are legal but banned in most public places. Violation will be punished with fines of 30 – 600,000 €. E-vapers will find a large density of shops there.

E-cigarette in Italy: Legal use of e-cigarettes but prohibited on school premises. Failure to do so can result in a fine of several hundred euros, depending on the severity of the offense.

E-cigarettes in France: The use of e-cigarettes in public is restricted. If these guidelines are violated, the vaper can expect hefty fines of up to €750.

E-cigarettes in Turkey: Vaping in smoke-free places is not allowed, and selling liquids is illegal. Violations can result in fines in the four-digit euro range.

E-cigarettes in Croatia: Vaping in public places is prohibited, and violators face a fine of around €150.

E-cigarettes in Greece: E-vaping is legal with no known restrictions.

E-cigarettes in Portugal: E-cigarettes are legal and available.

E-cigarettes in Egypt: E-cigarettes are allowed and freely available in stores.

E-cigarettes in Austria: Breathe a sigh of relief for all visitors to the Alps: E-cigarettes are permitted in Austria, and every vaper can buy whatever they want in numerous specialist shops. However, online trading in e-cigarettes is completely prohibited.

E-cigarettes in Thailand: The import of e-cigarettes is punishable by imprisonment and heavy fines

E-cigarettes on the coach – allowed or not?

It would help if you also took special care to protect your e-cigarette against leakage on bus trips; you will hardly hold it in your hand. Before departure, it is important to clarify whether vaping is allowed on the bus or not. However, most bus companies do not allow e-cigarette vaping on board, so you should use the breaks effectively and enjoy puffing on your e-cigarette again. Unfortunately, the same applies to traveling by train; here, smoking compartments have been abolished for several years, and vaping on trains is prohibited.

With e-cigarettes, we have now clarified where and under what conditions you can travel. But what awaits you when traveling with your vaporizer? Can such devices be carried carefree?

Traveling with an e-Cigarette

With a vaporizer in your luggage, there are also some hurdles to be overcome at the airport. But you can say that all the guidelines mentioned for traveling with your e-cigarette should also be observed for vaporizers, but there are a few more things to consider.

Often used for consuming cannabis, a vaporizer must completely remove any residue from previously vaporized herbs and illegal substances from the vaporization chamber. This also applies to a grinder that is often also packed. Various cleaning agents are suitable for cleaning vaporizers; for example, you can clean a vaporizer with isopropanol or alcohol. To do this, you have to clean and insert the vaporizer screen, carefully and carefully. If you have done it thoroughly, the typical vaporizer grass smell disappears from the device, and you are well prepared for it on the go. Suppose you have a vaporizer in your luggage. In that case, you may already be classified as suspicious by the security staff at the security checkpoints at the airport and have to undergo an extra examination. Illegal substances that can be vaporized in a vaporizer, such as marijuana, should not be taken to the airport or abroad in Germany; it is best to leave them at home. A vaporizer on the go is characterized by its particularly good handiness, so you should choose a device of the mobile vaporizer type instead of a desktop vaporizer.

Checklist for vaporizers on the plane

Vaping prohibited on the plane

  • Clarify boarding with the airline
  • Stow in hand luggage
  • Completely remove illegal substances from the head
  • Battery charging prohibited on the plane

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