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Charging E-cigarette Correctly

Charging E-cigarette Correctly

In the 21st century, some fundamental things have changed significantly; increasing technology does not stop smoking. A product in the tobacco segment has been on the rise for several years: the e-cigarette. The electronic vaporizer also opens the gates for shisha smokers since e-cigarette flavors are by no means limited to tobacco liquids. In addition to menthol liquids, fruity flavors can be filled into an evaporator head. Liquids without nicotine also appeal to beginners, mostly vapers who do not necessarily want to commit to the addictive substance. A well-known shock for all smokers is not having a lighter with them, but even modern vaping wants to be closely monitored in carrying all the necessary utensils. If the electricity is gone, you have to load the e-cigarette quickly.

Change e-cigarette battery

There are several ways to power your e-cigarette, either with batteries or rechargeable batteries. In a battery pod kits with a display, you can usually easily read the remaining battery capacity and thus know exactly how long you can still vape before changing the battery. If an e-cigarette battery is empty, it must be replaced, but there is a major disadvantage. If you think a little about the environment, you will realize that using disposable batteries quickly creates a huge mountain of empty e-cigarette batteries. Therefore there is a much more elegant variant, vaping with batteries.

E-cigarette batteries, the heart

The e-cigarette battery can be charged in several ways, but which is the fastest and best? If the e-cigarette battery is emptied quickly, this indicates a defect, and a new one is needed. For example, the most used e-cigarette battery, 18650, can be bought in almost any electronics store. If you want to charge your e-cigarette battery, various options have different advantages and disadvantages.

Charge e-cigarettes with a USB charging cable

Charging the e-cigarette via USB is probably the most common variant among vapers. Conveniently plugged into the laptop or PC, which is usually within easy reach, charging via a USB port is the most convenient charging option. In principle, the main purpose of charging the batteries is fulfilled, but the time it takes to charge an e-cigarette in this way is relatively long since charging can only be carried out with a low charging current. This can be remedied by e-cigarette USB passthrough vaping, endless vaping with a permanently plugged-in USB charging cable. This vapor method is most popular with fans of particularly slim e-cigarettes, which can only accommodate very small batteries due to the design. There is also a risk of malware and trojans charging via USB, so always protect your computer from viruses to prevent an e-cigarette virus.

Charge e-cigarettes with a mobile phone charger

You are safe from the e-cigarette virus despite the USB cable charging with the smartphone charger via a socket. The speed is similar to that of a PC or laptop. Due to the most present mobile phone charging cable position, this charging option is also often used. But how can you load the e-cigarette faster than these two options?

Get maximum power with an e-cigarette charger

Just do the e-cigarette charger test; you’ll be amazed at how quickly your vape device is fully operational again. A battery charger for e-cigarettes gets maximum performance out of every battery cell. If you also choose a charger with four battery slots instead of a double charger, there are always fully enough charged batteries at the start. In such a device, the voltage and charging time per battery cell can be easily read on an LCD. If you take a cheaper product, the battery is full as soon as the e-cigarette charger flashes. At CAK®, we have put together the best chargers for your e-cigarette.

Charging e-cigarette: Duration and pastime

How long does it take to charge an e-cigarette? The charging time does not depend on the charging method; many e-cigarettes are only equipped with a battery, so the charging process is shorter. An e-cigarette with two batteries, such as the SMOK Alien Kit, takes a little more time to charge but also lasts significantly longer when vaping, thanks to the double power supply. If a battery is empty, charging via USB can take a few hours. You can use this time wisely and mix a new liquid. But if you charge your batteries properly with a real e-cigarette charger, you should probably hurry up when mixing the liquid yourself.

Battery life E-cigarette, what is there to consider?

Some vapers know the problem that the e-cigarette battery does not last long. If you stick to a few important basic rules when handling, you can significantly extend the battery life. A basic requirement is to recharge the battery when there is around 20% remaining capacity since it will never be deeply discharged. Your e-cigarette battery will also thank you if you always store the e-cigarette in a warm place and not in the car on a winter night; for example, the negative effects of cold are well known from a car battery. If you follow these tips and charge the batteries with a professional e-cigarette charger, you save money and have longer, carefree fun while vaping.

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