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Can You Vape In The Car?

Can You Vape In The Car?

The car is a so-called private space – just like your apartment, for example. An intrusion into this space by a vaping or smoking ban would restrict your freedom and thus attack the Basic Law. So next time you pull up next to a police car at an intersection, don’t worry; you can vape in the car!

Nevertheless, you should be aware of some legal peculiarities in some countries, like Germany. If you cause an accident while vaping, it can have serious consequences! Then you might be accused of gross negligence because you were distracted by your vape pods. This means that your insurance company will only pay part of the damage caused by accident or, worst case, not at all!

The dangers of vaping in the car

One of the biggest dangers of vaping comes from sub-ohm vaping. A little anecdote from me:

When I drove the car for the first time with my new evaporator, I naturally wanted to try the device directly. Before that, I always smoked cigarettes while driving. Luckily I was standing at a red light when I took my first puff on the vaporizer. When I exhaled the steam, I noticed straight away that my window was still up. How did I notice that? Quite simply because I couldn’t see anything through all the steam – only the steering wheel was still visible in the massive cloud of steam. Since I was standing at a traffic light, as I said, it wasn’t that bad, the window opened briefly, and the steam came out. If that had happened to me on the freeway, it could have been much worse.

In addition to the possible visual impairment, there are other dangers when vaping in the car. Because just holding the vaporizer is a distraction. It becomes even more dangerous if, for example, you decide to fill up the tank of your vaporizer or swap batteries while you drive. Ideally, you leave such things to your passenger or take a short break and stop somewhere.

Tips for vaping in the car

First, you should refrain from using a drip vaporizer at the wheel, as regularly sprinkling the cotton with liquid would be too distracting.

Then it is advisable to open a vaping window to blow the steam out. Alternatively, you can also blow the steam into your footwell when it rains. But then you should still be careful because individual clouds of steam can still rise into your field of vision.

Vaping In The Car On An Abroad Journey

You must be a little more careful when travelling abroad. For example, in France, Italy and England, it is illegal to smoke (or vape) in cars with minors in the vehicle. Therefore, always inform yourself about the current legal situation in your travel destination.

Vaping vs smoking in the car

However, vaping in the car also has some advantages over smoking – as is the case with all topics. Because cigarette smoke eats into every material in the car and causes a long-lasting acrid smell, this also reduces the car’s value enormously. However, since nothing burns during vaping, no smoke can develop. In the worst case, your car will smell like liquid for a while, which can even be pleasant depending on the smell. A car that smells like lemon cake sounds pretty lovely, doesn’t it?

Conclusion: vaping in the car? Yes, but with caution!

In conclusion, it can be said that using an e-cigarette in a car is legal and safe. Nevertheless, it would help if you were very careful when driving and not let yourself be distracted by your vaporizer. After all, a complete liquid tank is hardly worth risking your life for.

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