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Can I Vape Anytime, Anywhere?

If you have just bought a vape kit, no matter it’s a vape pod system, or disposable vape, it is customary to ask yourself where you can vape. Because yes, we don’t say smoking but vaping when we talk about e-cigarettes! Vaping at work, in bars and restaurants, or even on public transport. Is it possible? Vaping as an anti-tobacco solution is gaining momentum, but electronic cigarettes and public places do not mix. We explain where you can smoke with an e-cigarette! Under the age of TPD, vaping is not easy as before within the EU. Vaping is prohibited on public transport (train, plane, bus, metro). Vaping is not permitted for those under 18; it is logically prohibited in places welcoming minors, such as high schools and schools. Vaping at work, is it possible? Nope! Electronic cigarettes at work are not permitted in collective enclosed spaces.

However, it is possible to vape in open outdoor spaces or closed individual offices in theory and with the employer’s agreement. And what about vaping in bars and restaurants? For once, these are places open to the public that are not affected by the ban on vaping. The owners of the premises are free to authorize or not the use of e-cigarettes on their premises. Before taking out your vaping equipment in a bar or restaurant, remember to ask for permission. The regulations provide for a fine of $35 if non-compliance with this prohibition.

To summarize, it is forbidden to vape: In public places or On public transport. Private areas are subject to restrictions in certain countries. Vaping is regulated!

How Do I Travel With My E-Cigarette?

It is quite possible to travel with an electronic cigarette! If you travel by train, plane, or bus, you will not be able to vape, but you can carry your vaping equipment during your trip. Always store your batteries in a special box and never transport a battery with metal parts. Enjoy your new electronic cigarette during your vacation! Do you want to fly with your e-cigarette? Be careful; some countries prohibit e-cig, such as Turkey and India. Remember to check in which country you can use your vape!

How Much Does An E-Cigarette Cost?

All smokers know that smoking is costly! Not only in terms of health (risk of cancer, reduction in life expectancy, etc.) but also in the wallet. And that doesn’t get better with time! The price of tobacco is increasing yearly, and the pack of cigarettes crossed the $10 mark in 2020. For a smoker who smokes a pack of cigarettes daily, this amounts to $3,650 in tobacco per year! An astronomical sum will continue to climb yearly as tobacco taxes increase significantly. The e-cigarette is less dangerous than tobacco but also much more economical due to the low price of e-liquid. For beginner vapers, there is no need to turn to the best high-end vape kits. A cheap vape is enough!

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