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Are There Reasons Against Vaping?

Are There Reasons Against Vaping?

In many conversations between vapers and smokers, smokers give many reasons why vaping is not an option. Many of these reasons raise eyebrows, and it becomes obvious that many myths about e-cigarettes still circulate. This can have unpleasant consequences, especially for beginning vapers who are not yet fully involved with the subject of vaping. They begin to doubt the healthier alternative and may relapse. This blog post has looked at the most common reasons and got to the bottom regarding their truthfulness. We want to help vapers, and non-vapers get enough information and draw their conclusions from it.

The most frequent reasons of non-vapers

Of course, every one can have their own reason for disliking e-cigarettes, so it’s impossible to covered every rationale in this blog post. Instead, we have taken a closer look at the most common myths and criticisms.

“No one knows what’s in an e-cigarette!”

This first myth can be quickly debunked as such. Most vapers know exactly what is in their e-cigarette, unlike most smokers, by the way. The vapour contains significantly fewer toxic ingredients than cigarette smoke. All the ingredients have also been known for a long time and have been officially approved for consumption.

“Vaping looks stupid!”

When people first started smoking tobacco, the criticism was similar. However, times have changed, and before you know it, cigarettes were very present in the media and were considered cool. E-cigarettes were also able to recover from initial criticism quickly, and millions of users worldwide are no longer bothered by them. It is no longer uncommon to come across a steamer on the road. It can now be seen that no one pays more attention to it just because they vape. Getting used to it has taken place.

“I tried it once, but I had to cough immediately…”

Many people have to cough after their first puff on the e-cigarette. It is possible that many current vapers can still remember their first and often joyless attempt at vaping. After all, the first vape experience is very different from the experience once you get used to the process. After all, vaping is very different from smoking. We can give beginners the recommendation to slowly approach the e-cigarette and experiment with different inhalation methods. On average, it doesn’t take more than a few days to get the hang of it. The only important thing is to stay on the ball and not throw in the towel after a few coughs. Most who follow this plan will find the vaping experience that satisfies them in no time.

“Vaping is just another form of addiction.”

Some smokers are sceptical about switching to e-cigarettes because they see it as just another form of dependency and replacing addiction with another. First of all, there is a kernel of truth in this claim. Vapers are also generally addicted to nicotine (although there are exceptions that do not include nicotine in a vape). The same applies to abstinent smokers who satisfy their addiction with nicotine patches or chewing gum as a form of nicotine replacement therapy. However, vaping carries a significantly lower risk of addiction compared to smoking. As a result, vapers are much more likely to quit e-cigarettes. Others stick with e-cigarettes, which is also a good choice, given that vaping is significantly safer than smoking. In addition, with this point of criticism, it should be said that vapers no longer smoke. While there are many similarities between e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, tobacco is not burned. Cigarettes are harmful to health because burning tobacco produces tar and carbon monoxide, not nicotine. Although nicotine is found in e-liquid and, therefore, vapour, both come without all the harmful substances in cigarette smoke.

“There are better alternatives to smoking!”

A whole range of products is offered as an alternative to smoking. Many of these can be found in the field of nicotine replacement therapy. IQOS, the manufacturer of heated tobacco, also comes up with a stylish alternative. In contrast to e-cigarettes, the health effects cannot yet be estimated. While these devices are certainly healthier than smoking, they are not as safe as e-cigarettes. These contain no tobacco at all.

“Vaping is bad for you.”

Many smokers categorically reject e-cigarettes. This is often because they’ve heard from one source that vaping is more dangerous than smoking. Experts have long agreed that e-cigarettes are at least 95% less dangerous than traditional cigarettes. The two most dangerous substances in cigarette smoke, the main ones responsible for health problems or early death, are tar and carbon monoxide. Both are not contained in the vapour of e-cigarettes.

“But the newspaper said that vaping was much more dangerous!”

Unfortunately, media coverage is not always as well researched as many vapers wish. Studies are interpreted without background knowledge, leading to wrong conclusions. The fact is that e-cigarettes are significantly safer than smoking. If you want more detailed information, you should not take your information from daily newspapers but instead contact health experts. The motivation here is quite different. As a rule, newspapers primarily want to increase their own sales figures. Study results are taken out of context, or assumptions are not realistically presented. The fact is that smoking, unlike vaping, drastically raises the heart rate and increases the risk of heart and lung diseases, which are not to be expected with vaping form.

“Vapers vape a lot more often than smokers smoke!”

Many smokers who are friends with vapers will find exactly this. Unfortunately, it has to be said that e-cigarettes are not yet as good as cigarettes when it comes to delivering nicotine to the brain. So it takes a little longer to get a similar or similar effect, and many vapers must take a few more hits. However, that is no cause for concern. Once you get used to vaping, your nicotine cravings will decrease, and you’ll soon need far fewer hits to get the same effect. It also makes sense to experiment with different nicotine strengths first. This is how you find a variant that suits you best and is neither too strong nor too weak. Most vapers find their preferences over time, and most are satisfied with a lower nicotine content and automatically reduce the nicotine strength. Some even enjoy completely nicotine-free e-liquids or choose to give up vaping without much of a problem.

“Vaping causes severe lung problems!”

This argument also results from a misinterpretation. Diacetyl, a substance known in the food industry, is found in many e-liquid flavours. This gives the popcorn a buttery taste, for example. However, an independent study found that people exposed to high doses of diacetyl can develop lung problems. However, what has not been taken into account here is that the levels of diacetyl in e-liquid are tiny and absolutely cannot be compared to the concentration in a popcorn factory. In addition, diacetyl is by no means used in all flavours, and most of all, e-liquids do without it.

“Vaping also causes heart problems!”

Studies have also reported known, albeit temporary, effects of nicotine on blood pressure and the aorta. Before we now misinterpret this fact, it should be mentioned that coffee has a similar, albeit much longer-lasting effect on the human body.

“What about formaldehyde?”

From time to time, the danger of formaldehyde in e-cigarettes is still reported. This results from study results in which e-liquid has been heated to an ultra-high temperature. The liquid was damaged, which created the toxin. The fact is that these temperatures are not generated in conventional e-cigarettes. Otherwise, an unpleasant burnt taste would arise. These study results have long since been devalued. Unfortunately, they are still often used as a basis for reporting, which is likely to cause more harm to health than e-cigarettes.

“You know so little about e-cigarettes.”

Most vapers are very knowledgeable about e-cigarettes. They are familiar with the ingredients and usually even have a pretty good understanding of the personal effects of the added substances, as they need to know the chemical effect to achieve an optimal vaping experience. No ingredient in e-liquid is unknown. All substances are authorized in the EU and used for cosmetics or other contact products. Accordingly, nothing happens when vaping exceeds the horizon, and there are no major ambiguities.

“Nobody knows the long-term effects of e-cigarettes!”

Admittedly, it took a long time for humanity to be convinced that inhaling tobacco smoke is bad for your health. In the same way, it is not yet possible to say the long-term effect of the special combination of substances found in e-cigarette vapour. However, we already know much about the individual ingredients because their use is not exactly new. Rather, experts agree that the risk of unexpected problems arising in the future is relatively low. Research is also at a very different level today than when smoking became popular. Research results are found much faster than back then. In addition, various researchers in the field of tobacco and cigarette research have also dealt intensively with e-cigarettes. To date, they agree that e-cigarettes are at least 95% safer than traditional cigarettes, and no long-term problems are to be expected.

We hope that with this article, we could open the eyes of some undecided or unsure vapers and give them some security. Especially when you get a lot of criticism from outside for your decision, it isn’t easy to stay on the ball. However, the health benefits that vaping has over smokers are not negligible and well worth the effort. With this background knowledge, energetic non-vapers now have something to oppose. If you have any questions, we can be reached at any time via our contact options.

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