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Are Smokers On The Wrong Steam?

Are Smokers On The Wrong Steam?

The topic of e-cigarettes continues to be the subject of much discussion in the media. The risks of cigarettes are compared and weighed against those of vaping. Public Health England has published a study in which e-cigarettes are around 95% safer than smoked tobacco and can help smokers quit.

History of the e-cigarette

The idea of ​​a smokeless cigarette is not even new. As early as 1963, a smokeless cigarette was patented, replacing smoke with flavoured and humidified air. E-cigarettes work on the same principle today. A chamber is filled with liquid, and a vaporizer heats and vaporizes the liquid. In 2005, the idea became a reality, and the first generation of e-cigarettes came onto the market. Since then, the products have been continuously improved and further developed. Check out more here.

Why not just keep smoking?

E-cigarettes could be particularly interesting for people who want to give up smoking or for heavy smokers who want to switch to a gentler alternative. Studies indicate that inhaling wet vapour from an e-cigarette is more beneficial than inhaling smoke and its associated by-products. Studies show that tobacco combustion produces numerous carcinogenic substances that are avoided when vaping because there is no combustion at all.

Among vapers and gourmets

There is an ever-growing vaping community such as in forums and Facebook groups, in which ambitious vapers exchange information about the advantages and disadvantages of certain e-cigarette technologies and motivate each other to stop smoking. Which is better, a homemade vaporizer or a store-bought one? The community is happy to help newcomers, but also experienced vapers, with such decisions, without having to read up on the subject first. If you want to wrap your atomizer heads in the future, you will find all the necessary information about the required material and the right procedure in the appropriate forums. But if you prefer to use the finished evaporator heads, the best providers are recommended there.

The steam development of the e-cigarette can also be adjusted according to your preferences. It would help if you used an atomizer with a lower resistance to achieve a much stronger vapour development. Whether the required atomizers are compatible with your equipment can be quickly found by reading other vapers’ reports. Tips on better batteries or easier cleaning of the e-cigarette can also be found quickly.

Personalizing your e-cigarette with skins is new in vogue. Once you have created your unique design, you can get feedback on it in the community or be inspired by the skins of other vapers.

As if there wasn’t enough choice of different flavours for liquids, there are many instructions on vaping forums on creating your flavours from individual components. Everything imaginable is available as a liquid, from new varieties such as mint or ice candy to fruity varieties such as apple, cherry or strawberry to tobacco or whisky.

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