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All About Pod Kits

Do you know the pod kits? These tiny electronic cigarettes are experiencing a genuine revival and are finding their audience. The Pod kit is not a new product in the world of vaping. With time, the progress of the material, the arrival of new types of e-liquids (CBD, nicotine salts), and vaping with a pod find all its meaning. We observe that the Pod can be a formidable alternative to the desire to smoke a cigarette!

First of all, the pod kit is the module that contains the resistance and the e-liquid. The rest is a simple USB rechargeable battery. But it’s common to call this particular e-cigarette a ‘pod.’

The principle of the pod kit is simple; it is also what makes it successful. The pod kit is composed of resistance of 1.0Ω or more. This value allows you to vape e-liquids with a high nicotine rate (11 mg/ml and more, for example), e-liquids with nicotine salts or CBD with a specific efficiency. The resistance of the Pod does not need tremendous power to vaporize the e-liquid, and the risks of discomfort or coughing are reduced. In any case, for the majority of vapers.

The low power requirement is an asset for the pod kit. This minimum energy requirement makes it possible to reduce the size of the e-cig as much as possible. And this is the other reason for the success of the pods: their small size allows you to vape everywhere. Indeed, having an e-cigarette the size of a thermometer in your pocket instead of a double-battery pad is life-changing. But it also changes your vape, which becomes MTL, indirect inhaling, and no longer “big vapor” oriented.

Indeed, it is not with a pod that we will make big clouds of vapor (we can do some tricks). The role of the Pod is to quickly and efficiently release the necessary nicotine level with the flavors of your choice. That’s all, but it’s a lot.

Pod or Mod?

The Pod kit will punctually eliminate your cumbersome electronic cigarette, which deforms your pockets. The Pod will help you in the evening, at a festival, or at your workplace (where authorized, of course, see our article on this subject). The Pod can also take away your “morning cigarette” or the end of the meal if you catch the flavors and the rendering well. In short, it can change your little smoking habits. Be careful; this is by no means a miracle cure. Smoking is a personal matter, and getting rid of it is a personal journey. However, the transition from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes can also be done naturally and without conflict with yourself. And the pods come in handy for that.

Vaping with a pod kit is simple but can only be done correctly if you adopt good reflexes. It is more complicated for the experienced vaper than for the beginner. Indeed, vaping in a pod kit differs from vaping with a Kit or a sub-ohm tube. You need a gentle but long draw to vape well with a pod. Inhale gently and for at least 3 to 4 seconds.

The pods have more or less ventilation depending on the model (we also speak of airflow) but are always small. This ventilation is voluntarily reduced because it forces the vaper to have an excellent inhalation to attract the vapor, feel the flavors, and, most importantly, diffuse the nicotine.

The size of this vent varies from Pod to Pod. The rendering, therefore, varies from one e-cig to another, and your feelings may be different. The differences are sometimes barely noticeable between the two models. Either way, a long, smooth inhale is critical. Sucking too hard can cause liquids to rise, a blockage of the resistance which drowns in the liquid. To be discouraged…

Finding a good pod kit is no small feat. All brands make them, from the best known to the newcomer who only makes pods. It’s a big market, and there are pods of all shapes, sizes, and qualities…

To find a good pod kit, we will first observe if the Pod is rechargeable or not. There are, in fact, two categories of pods. The one with the cartridges pre-filled with e-liquid and the cartridges to be filled with the e-liquid of your choice. We prefer prefilled cartridges are an ecological scourge. To recycle the cartridge (as for the resistors), it is necessary to disassemble and separate it. These cartridges are sealed and airtight; I’ll let you imagine. Not to mention the excess packaging.


The second important point for choosing your Pod: is autonomy. 320mAh, 480mAh, 700mAh, etc. There is everything. The more mAh, the bigger the battery. Therefore, the Pod’s design varies according to the size of the battery. Autonomy allows you to vape longer, of course. In any case, we can say that the recharging time of the Pod by USB is relatively short (compared to a box, for example), which is a plus. We can also relativize the low autonomy of the pods by the rapid feeling of satiety produced by the e-liquid. Yes, you vape less with a pod because the nicotine is well diffused.

Third point: filling

Overall, there are pods with a capacity of 2 ml because of the regulation of TPD. Insufficient for a classic vape, this capacity makes sense in the case of pods. Using small coils, the Pod consumes little e-liquid per puff. The well-nicotined e liquids bring satiety quickly. So we vape less. Seasoned vapers are also surprised that the tank contains a lot of liquid after a vaping session.

Finally, the filling system may vary from one model to another. Vape manufacturers like CAKVAPE show ingenuity to offer a pre-filling without parts to remove and that does not leak.

In any case, to prevent resistance during the first use of the Pod, it is essential to let the e-liquid soak the cotton fiber. The resistance being tiny, it is not necessary to wait a quarter of an hour.

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