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3 Creepy Myths About Vaping

3 Creepy Myths About Vaping

Vaping has made positive headlines recently, at least if you trust trustworthy portals and print magazines. Even if the media has poked fun at a vaper at times, there’s no denying that vaping is a lifesaver for many ex-smokers and has tremendous health benefits. Nevertheless, many smokers still shy away from technical innovation because non-smokers are extremely critical of e-cigarettes. This is mainly related to horror scenarios and myths still circulating about e-cigarettes and is at least felt to be becoming more and more bizarre yearly. We figured there couldn’t be a better time to talk about the horrors of vaping than Halloween. So grab some popcorn and get ready for us to clean up some spooky fantasies. While this won’t convince everyone of the purpose of vaping, hopefully, it will also help improve the vaper’s reputation and provide a few enjoyable minutes.

Myth 1: E-cigarettes Explode

One concern we keep getting is that the e-cigarette might explode. Just thinking about it, many can picture the results, from singed pockets to serious facial injuries. Unfortunately, we have to say that there is a little more to this myth than many would like. Specifically, three reasons can create a realistic chance of an exploding device. Overheating or a technical error usually causes an explosion. The first reason is a cheap or technically immature device. Especially the first generations of such devices or low-cost providers from the network have a high risk. Anyone who relies on a renowned manufacturer and owns a current model has little to fear here. The second reason is that you invested in a cheap, uncertified, imported device. If your device is not certified for use and does not comply with the EU standard, this can pose a major risk. The consequence is that the manufacturing conditions do not meet safety standards. Anyone who buys from a trustworthy vape manufacturer can avoids this risk. The third reason for an exploding e-cigarette is the use of unauthorized accessories. For example, charging your device with a USB device that does not belong to the device can be dangerous. Anyone who loses their charger should always ask the original manufacturer for a replacement or buy another replacement device. Even if this horror scenario is based on real events, the probability is very low, even if all three risk factors come together. Even if there are isolated accidents, the number falls every year and loses all statistical significance, especially compared to the people who suffer from the consequences of smoking. Nevertheless, it also helps to be careful here, to handle the devices properly and not to take any unnecessary risks.

Myth 2: Vaping Is As Harmful As Smoking

There is more than one study debunking this myth. Statistics show that vaping is up to 95% less harmful than real tobacco cigarettes. Many studies that report an increased risk usually use an inadmissible methodology, work with unrepresentative products or are specifically aimed at attracting media attention. Each of these facts causes false results and can cause misinformation in the media. Of course, no one is claiming that vaping is healthy. Also, hardly any statements about the long-term effect can be made since this is a relatively new technology. Still, today there is no longer any doubt that vaping is healthier than smoking. To avoid negatively influencing this fact, you should never use prohibited products with your e-cigarette. You should buy only the ingredients for vaping, flavourings, bases and Co. from the manufacturer you trust, and they should also be of food or pharmaceutical quality. As a rule, however, it is helpful to purchase from a trustworthy dealer. For any smoker struggling to kick their addiction, vaping is a great way to improve their health without much of a risk of relapse.

Myth 3: Vaping Is A Gateway Drug And Leads Children To Smoke

Thousands of young people start smoking every year. Up to 50% of them become regular smokers or even chain smokers. On the other hand, using e-cigarettes among young people is rather rare and, if so, often only affects those who have smoked before. It is usually enough for such a myth if critics observe individual younger vapers in public. Without knowing about this person’s history, they now demonize the e-cigarette as a drug and share their often unjustified opinion with others. Statistics show that young vapers mainly use e-cigarettes to limit their cigarette consumption.

Due to its relatively short history, the scientific community has a great deal of interest in the e-cigarette and plays a major role in scientific discussions. Not only is the effect on health examined, but also its future status as an addictive substance. However, there is already a consensus that e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Long-term studies will follow over time, bringing even the last doubters to the switch. Studies on the effectiveness of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation and the treatment of nicotine addiction are gradually gaining scientific significance. While there is a great deal of ideological tension here, we advise all vapers and die-hard vapers not to blindly spread any myths but instead rely on facts and legitimate research. We hope we have refuted these creepy myths with our contribution and further reduce the general concern about technology.

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